The 'Perfect' Life

Have you ever wondered what a perfect life would be like? Well, here it is. *Finished*


2. Teenager Quotes

I'm not stupid, i'm just too lazy to show how smart I am. 


Neil Armstrong lands on the moon, 5 pictures, Girl at starbucks, 47 selfies. 


Why is it called beauty sleep, when you wake up looking like a troll?


Avoiding eye contact with your teacher so you won't get called on.


I love hearing this 'I saw this and I thought of you'


Our generation will be the WEIRDEST grandparents


I hate being tagged in pictures on facebook that have absolutely NOTHING to do with me. 


Lets watch a scary movie! *2 hours late* Walk to the bathroom with me......


Sometimes I just wanna be a zebra, dem stripes doe








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