Live, love, learn.

"Love is like a war.. Easy to start.. Hard to stop."


2. Proluge.



"YOU CAN TAKE YOUR STUFF AND GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!" I heard mommy scream at daddy. I sat on the top of the stairs and looked down at mommy crying. Daddy looked her dead in the eyes before slapping her acroos the face. I screamed and ran down to mommy. I hugged her tightly and kissed her cheek over and over again.. I looked up at daddy, confused at why he's not helping.. He then takes my arm and takes me behind him. I cry and try to ran over to mommy again.. "MOMMY! HELP ME!" I scream and try to take daddys hands away from my arms. "PAUL! LET GO OF HER! NOW!" my mom screamed at daddy. "No Nila, I'm taking her with me! Come on Stephanie! OUT IN THE CAR! NOW!" dad screamed at me and opened the door for me. "NO! I WANNA STAY WITH MOMMY!" I scream and bite him. He screams and slaps me in the face.. I fall onto the ground and cry. He then kicks me and spits me in the face. "YOU LITTLE WHORE! FINE! STAY WITH YOUR BITCH OF A MOTHER!" he screamed and took his bags and walked out the door slapping it behind him. I turned around and saw mommy on the floor crying.. I ran over to her and looked at her.. She looked like crap. So I did the only thing I could think about. I took out her phone, and called the ambulance..

The famous bib sounds rang through my ears..


"Its the emergency line, what can I help you with?" a man said from the other line. "my mom! She is hurt.. She lays with closed eyes! please help me!" I screamed as my voice breaked in the middle of the sentence. "Wow, calm down please.. Now tell me. Where do you live?" I took in a deep breath and answered: "Texasroad 321 on the left. We have a blue house and in front of it, in our yard, we have a big apple tree.." I heard someone yell and sirens turn on. "Okay, listen, the help is on its way. But can you tell me, whats your name? And what has happend.." the man said again. I took a deep breath again and looked down at mommy. I took her hand and sat next to her. "My name is Stephanie.. Stephanie Jaksons.. It.. it all happened so.. so fast.. Daddy was angry.. and and.. Mommy was sad.. Dad.. daddy slapped mommy.. And then.. When I cried.. He, he tried to take me from mommy.. But.. I bit him.. And he slapped me.. and and.. kicked me.. and left.. And I want mommy!" I cried in the phone.. "Hey, hey its okay.. The ambulance is there in a second.. Stay on the phone and tell me how you're mom is.. ok?" And that's how it went.. We talked for about 2 minutes before the ambulance came and took mommy.. Only then they saw me, and saw my bruises and blood. I told I was fine.. And I wanted them to take care of mommy.. So they did.. Still they checked me sometimes.. And that was a beginning of a new life for me..






- Katy <3 xx

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