Live, love, learn.

"Love is like a war.. Easy to start.. Hard to stop."


4. chapter 2

”You know.. It’s not you guys that’s the problem.. Its more the whole, moving from my howntown, friends and everything I know..” I said walking into the living room. As I started to speak all eyes landed on me, I just gave my mom a weak smile before hugging her while whispering ’Sorry’ in her ear. She just kissed my cheek. I then walked over to the three guys and looked at them. I then stepped over to the first one.


He had short, black hair and a big smile on his face. I sticked my hand out for him to shake, and he gladly accepted it and shaked my hand. I smiled at him and decided to introduce myself. ”Hello, I’m Stephanie Nila’s daughter.” I said and smiled, he nodded and introduced himself. ”Hello Stephanie, I’m Will the oldest of the Grier boys. Nice to meet you” he said proudly and took his hand away from mine. ”Nice to meet you too Will.” I answered back and walked over to the next one. He had long black hair and a really cute face. ”Hello, I’m Hayes.” he said before I could say anything. He sticked his hand out for me to shake, and I gladly did. ”Hey Hayes,” I said and giggled a bit, ”I’m Stephanie.” He nodded and I took back my hand. I then walked over to the last one of them, he had long brown and blond hair. But the part I found really stunning about him, and his brothers, was their eyes. They all had stunning blue eyes, really REALLY stunning blue eyes. I smiled big at him and he smiled back. Then he stood up and gave me a hug, I was shocked at the start but then hugged back. I then stepped back from the hug and smiled weakly at him. His hugs reminded me of Daniel.. Daniel is my boyfriend.. But we don’t talk much more, so I don’t really know what we are, I guess that one is my fault. He once cauhgt me kiss another boy.. I was drunk and didn’t realise it before our lips touched. So yeah, in many ways I understand Daniel, but it still hurts that we don’t talk anymore.. I really like him, and if I just could say sorry…


The tought of Daniel made me sad, and before I knew it I ran to our front door. I heard my moms gasp and how she yelled my name. She knows where I was going.. She knows why.. I told her everything about me and Daniel. And she was dissapointed but she said I should give him time. But for me 2 weeks was enough time. So I ran, I didn’t care about the fact that the rain was porring down or the fact that I didn’t have shoes on.. I needed Daniel. So as I ran there I suddenly see this person a bit away from me. I look closely and realise its him. Daniel! He seems to have figured that its me too, because he suddenly ran all he could towards me. And I ran all I could towards him. When we were close enough I jumped and he catched me. I hugged him tightly and kissed him.

 And there we stood in the pooring rain kissing. I heard my name getting yelled behind me, but I didn’t care. I only cared about Daniel right now. ”I’m so.. so sorry Daniel..” I said and looked him in the eyes. He just smiled and kissed me again.. ”I was on my way to you.. To tell you I’m sorry too.. I love you Steph..” I looked from his eyes to his lips, and without any excuse he smashed his lips to mine. When we pulled away I looked him in the eyes and ran my hand through his hair. ”You know.. Today is still my last day here..” I said and was at the edge of crying.. I’m not the type that cries. But in a case like this, I’m a wreck. ”I know.. That’s also why I was on my way to your house.. Steph.. I love you so much. But we both can see this isn’t working..” He said and looked me in the eyes. ”I love you Steph.. But more as a sister and best friend.. Please.. Don’t hate me.. But, I just want to be your best friend again..” he said and cupped my cheek in his hands. I looked at him and smiled then nodded. ”I agree, a long distance relationship won’t work out with the two of us being so good damn sexy that nobody can keep their hands of us.” I smiled and laughed a bit, he laughed along with me and hugged me tightly. ”Besties?” he whispered in my ear. ”Besties” I said and hugged him again. After we stepped back from our hug we looked each other in the eyes. ”Would it be wrong to get one last kiss?” he said and smiled weakly at me. I just laughed, jumped on him again and kissed him. He took his hands around my ass so he could hold me up. As we pulled away we smiled wide to each other. I then jumped down from him. And he took my hand, we both turned around and then I saw who had called my name before.


CHAPTER 2 <3  

This chapter goes out to one of my besties.. Allyyyy <3 I hope you feel better soon babyboo <3

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- Katy <3 xxx

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