Live, love, learn.

"Love is like a war.. Easy to start.. Hard to stop."


3. chapter 1





I run down the stairs while taking on my shirt. I run into the kitchen and see mom drinking coffe. ”STEPHANIE! Why aren’t you on your way to school?!” she said and smiled at me. Mom never gets mad, she actually takes the most things chill. ”Well, I was trying to wake up.. BUT somebody did not wake me up” I smile while glaring at our dog Tammy. ”Oh, well I’m sure your principal will love that excuse. Now get on your shoes. Take an apple and I’ll drive you to school.” mom said and clapped Tammy while smiling at me. I nodded and ann into the hall and took on my lovly vans. I took my jacket and run into the kitchen. Mom stood up and nodded at me while waking out. ”Steph! Take your skateboard with out unless you want to walk home.” mom yells from outside. I went over to my bag on the kitchen chair and take it. Then I run over to my skateboard. Pick it up. And run over to my mom. Before I close and lock the door I scream goodbye to Tammy. Then I just into the car, and mom starts to drive over to my school.


”So.. It’s your last day huh?” mom smiles at me as we drive at the local way. I look at her and sigh. Tomorrow we are moving to West Carolina. Mom got a boyfriend there. And about 2 weeks ago he proposed. So they are now moving in together. I guess its going to be hard to move.. But I don’t really have a choice.. And I’ll never leave mom..


Maybe I should tell a bit about myself? Well.. My name is Stephanie Sofia Jaksons. I’m turning 17 in 3 weeks. I funny enough live at my moms. With my dog. I spended my whole life here in Texas. I know everyone here and I grew up here. You may now wonder where my dad is? Well, I don’t know.. And I don’t care.. He is an asshole and for me? He could go to hell and die. I hate him more than anyone in this planet.. Yeah.. To make a long story short. He once used violence at me and my mother. So yeah. Then he left and called me a whore and my mom a bitch.. I’ll never forget that one.. And I still dream about it every night.. Its scary.. But in some ways I just need to get over it..


Anyway.. Moving to West Carolina actually has one good thing in it! A year ago my best friend, Ally, moved there. Mom said she would live about five minutes from us. But she is not sure. Well I don’t really care. As long as I can see her again.


”Hey? Stephanie? World calls Stephanie!” mom says laughing. I look at her and smile. ”I guess it will be cool.. I like Chad.. And I can’t wait to spend all my time with Ally again!” I smile at the thought of her.. She is really the best friend ever. ”Well, I hope you’ll spend some time with your soon coming step brothers too.” mom said and looked dead serious. Something inside me stopped.

”WHAT!” I screamed. Mom sighted.. ”I never told you did I?” she said. I shaked my head and looked at her. ”He got kids?!” I asked. Mom nodded.


”Well.. Tell me ’bout them!” I say and cross my arms. ”Well.. I want you to learn them to know yourself. They are coming tonight.. Helping with packing the last things.” I looked at mom in shock.  ”Well then, thanks to you for telling me! Now bye!” I said and walked out from the car. Because of the fact that we arrived to school.  I walked into the school, pissed as hell.. Well seems like I’m getting some brothers..


************** AFTER SCHOOL *********************


I opened my door and screamed inside. ”I’M HOME!” I heard Tammy ran into the hall and soon into my arms. ”Hey baby. You missed me? Yeah you did.. I missed you too! Yes I did. Yes I did!” I said in a baby voice and hugged her while clapping her stomach.  I suddenly heard a giggle, I looked up and saw these guys starring at me. I screamed. And took the first thing a could take and threw it on them. It turned out to be a shoe. I suddenly heard footsteps running and before I knew it, mom and Chad stood in the door, with a shocked face. Then it hit me, its his kids!


I stood up and apoligigsed fast, before glaring at my mom and running up stairs.

I got my phone out from my pocket and called Ally.


The beeb noises rang through my ears and suddenly the missed voice of my loving best friend came.

”Heeeeeeeello?” Ally said. I giggled and smiled.

”Hello my love.” I said, and suddenly heard Ally scream.



”I MISS YOU SO MUCH! SO, WHEN ARE YOU GUYS MOVING OVER HERE?!” she asked while, I could imagine, she jumped up and down.

”WELL, CHAD IS HERE NOW, AND I THINK WE ARE MOVING TONIGHT! Buuut.. he got his sons with him..” I signed and laid on my bed.

”His sons? He got kids? WHY DID I NOT KNOW THAT ONE STEPH?!” she screamed. I smiled and thought about how her face would look right now.. I could imagine a big surprised face.

”Well, if it helps.. I did not know either! Mom just told me this morning.. ” I said and thought back at the memory.

”What?! Well.. Wow.. but hey? Shouldn’t you then be downstairs getting to know them better? I mean, they are going to be your brothers..” she said and sounded confused..

”Well.. I should.. But its just awkward.. I mean.. I threw a shoe on them, because I did not know who they were! And then, when I realised it I just said sorry.. And ran upstairs not even looking at them..” I said and started to laugh.

”Stephanie Sofia Jaksons! Now you go downstairs and get to know them! Then tomorrow morning, I am expecting an invitation to your new house!” she giggled. I laughed and said a fast okay. Then we send each other a kiss over phone and she hung up. I sighed and opened my door.


I walked down the stairs and heard mom’s laugh. A smile popped onto my face.. I walked into the living room and stood in the door looking at them.

Mom sat with Chad on the big couch. The two guys that I threw a shoe on sat on the small couch’s and some guy sat on a chair.


”So.. How is Stephanie with this moving things?” Chad asked mom. I guess nobody has noticed I’m here yet. ”Well.. I think she takes it fine.. Her best friend.. Ally, I told you ’bout her remember?, well yeah, she lives in West Carolina.. And Stephanie can’t wait to see her after a year..” mum sighted, ”But I don’t know how she is about the thing with you guys..” she said and looked at the three unknown boys.. They all looked at the ground, and guilt build up inside me..

I stepped forward and smiled, while thinking ’bout what to say…


I opened my mouth and there it came…


There we go.

The story is now starting. <3


Lots of love.

- Katy <3 xx

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