Tainted Hearts

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2. Chapter One

It's the first week of September, and only two weeks till my Birthday. It's the month I've been looking forward to since the beginning of the year, but now that it's arrived I don't feel as hyped. Perhaps because I'm turning into an adult soon and I'm nothing like any other normal eighteen-year-old. I don't drink; I don't wear tons of make-up; I have no boyfriend and I'm certainly not popular. But somehow, I have a few close friends who I love to be around, though sometimes they love to have a go at me for being different.

My best friend April and I are sitting outside the local Sainsbury's, a cookie bag sitting between us on the curb of the pavement where we sit. She's been pointing out every guy who seems to come out of the shops in the last ten minutes and has been daring me to go over to them.

"C'mon go talk to him."

This time she's nodding her head at a guy that seems fairly familiar. He pulls a hand through his ruffled hair and looks in our direction just as I'm telling April that there is no way I'm talking to him. His opal eyes stare into mine, sending a wave of shock running through my body. There is nothing to do but look away and hope he doesn't notice my blush.

"He looked at you! There is no way you're staying seated here now, Becca!" April claims, and I feel exhausted with her excitement. Why can't I just go home? 

Nevertheless, I make my way over there just to please her. I've got to learn to be social with the other species at some point, haven't I? The guy is just putting bags of shopping into the boot of his car when I arrive by his side. He doesn't notice my presence, but I feel April's eyes glued on me, wishing me to say something remotely normal. So I take a deep breath and say the first thing that comes to mind.

"Do you need a hand with the bags?"

He turns round to look at me. I notice his muscular arms, the sheer height of him against me. Clearly, he is capable of putting a few bags into a boot, making me look like an utter idiot asking if he needed help.

"Thanks, but I'm alright."

He shuts the boot with a slam and gives me a slight smile as he walks around the side, opening the car door. This is it. I ruined my chance. April is going to kill me. He's almost in the car, driving off into nowhere, when I feel an unknown voice popping out of me.

"Nice car by the way."

He turns round to look at me again, a look plastered across his face saying 'what do you want?' Wow, he's a big guy. The sort of guy who would easily pitch a fight against me.

I feel my shoulders drop with my pathetic attempt. "Sorry, my friend wanted me to talk to you."

He raises his eyebrows, as if willing me to continue.

"Basically, I'm almost eighteen and I haven't really been out with anyone. My friends love making fun of me for not even wanting to talk to a guy, so for once I listened to them. So I guess here I am, making a complete fool out of myself."

He laughs, such a sweet smile for a big guy. I'm so taken aback I feel a laugh escaping my mouth too. He shakes his head, before closing the door to his car again.

"I don't even know why I told you that." I admit, biting my lip, suddenly nervous.

He takes a step towards me, our faces not that far apart. I feel my cheeks burning from his glare, my hands beginning to shake. 

"Okay, let's do a deal." He then whispers, so only I can hear.

"A deal?" I just about breath out, trying to look anywhere other than his eyes.

"Yeah." I feel a smile approaching his twisted lips. Now I realise why April wanted me to talk to him - he's kind of hot. My cheeks burn with the realisation and I drop my head to cover it.

"I'll kiss you to please her."

I step back. "What?"

"That's right. It's a one off deal. Just for you."

I feel my breath rising in anger. "Are you freaking insane? She doesn't want me to kiss you, she just wants me to talk to you."

"You don't want to kiss me?" He raises his eyebrows and shoots me a beautiful smile.

Well... "No. I'm not here to kiss you."

"Shame." He opens the door to his car again before getting in and slamming the door. What the hell was that? 

I walk past his window, on my way back to April. She's grinning in my direction, as if congratulating me, but I don't want that. Somehow I feel myself craving for the guy's attention again, as if it doesn't matter what my friends think anymore. Turning back, I go to give him a smile, to show that perhaps I do want to kiss him, or at least get a number. But he's gone. Instead I see a car zooming off into the distance.

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