Invisible Girl

Lila, loves to sing and loves 5 Seconds Of Summer. But Lila is a shy girl. Should she make it in the music world? Can she make her dreams come true? And should Lila make it far? Do she meet 5 seconds of summer?


1. Just a new begin.

Hi guys! My name is Janice, and i love to write! But i'm coming from the Netherlands. So me English is not so good as you think.. So don't judge me please?(By the way, I'm 12 years)


I walked to the classroom. The silents takes it all. It's so hard for me, just a new school. And i don't have friends or whatever. I would, I could stay in the other school. But, Its not possible. I just take a breath and go sit on the chair. I'm looking at my IPhone. I'm watching the photo of 5 Seconds of Summer. I dream far away.. From the world. Just like, a other world is go open from me.. But everything comes an end.. The teacher screams at my.. Oops.. 

'Put the Iphone away!'

'Okay, i'm sorry jeezz.'

'Lila be silent, NOW!'


I'm at home now, I'm gonna play on my guitar and sing. Because music helps me alot and 5 Seconds Of Summer of course. I put me camera on, and it's recording. If 'm ready, i post it on youtube. Post it on social media too.

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