Diana was a lost and fragile girl. She was on the hunt for one thing, and one thing only. Love. Is all she ever wanted, she wanted to prove her abusive mam and dad wrong. All her life they told her nobody will or would ever love her. So she runs away from her so-called 'home' and sets off to find a person who she loves and they love her. But on this mission to find love, she happens to run into a bad boy known as Harry Styles. Will she ever prove her parents wrong, or will she realise that there isn't such a thing as 'love'?


1. lost

Diana's pov:

I stumbled down the street as I look behind to see the drunken men that tried to attack me a minute ago. I don’t actually know how I got away, but I’m definitely glad I did. God knows what might’ve happened.

You see, I’ve never really been popular, and when I get home my dad and mom abuse me 24/7 so I never really get a chance to breathe. My whole school hates me, they bully me once I arrive to the very second I leave.

Hello, my name is Diana Bourne, I’m 16 years old and in my final year of school. I live in Cheshire, Homes Chapel to be exact. I live alone with my abusive parents, I have an older brother but he's rarely ever home since he's at college. His name is Jacob, my dad's is Steven and my mums names is Sharron.

Jacob doesn't know about the abuse, my dad said he'd kill me if I tell him, or anyone. He's not joking either. Once the abuse got so bad and I ended up in hospital on life support. Every now and then I think to myself, maybe I should of died, maybe it would've been for the best.

I eventually got inside the house and closed the door behind me, hoping that no one would've heard. I started making my way up the horrid wooden steps, when there was a very loud creak coming from what I was walking on. "April, is that you?" my so called dad yelled, I flinched at my the use of my middle name. However, I ignored him and carried on the next step. "April, I asked if that was you!" His head popped from round the corner of the wall, with an expression that was far from happy. He violently grabbed hold of my wrist and pulled me down the couple of steps that I had been able to walk up.

All of a sudden, I feel the coldness of something hit the side of my body and I yelped out in pain. I realised I had been threw again the wall of the hallway, and I then started to get up when Steven kicked me in my side. I quivered in the corner of the room, with my head tucked into my hands and my hands in my legs. "You're worthless, April. Nothing but a piece of shit!" He spat in my face and I looked at him in disgust.

"And who are you to talk, stood beating his own daughter." I yelled back suddenly getting a ball of confidence from nowhere. But not even a second after I said that, I soon started completely regretting it. I looked up and saw that his face had gotten even redder from anger, he started punching, kicking, throwing and spitting at me. All throughout them things he was doing to me, I was getting weaker and weaker from the hits, and now I could only see a white light shining in my eyes.

"You'll never be loved, you never have and never will. You don't know what the word means" he said to me before I completely blanked out.


~~~~~~2 hours later

My eyes fluttered open as I looked around, it didn't take me long to figure out that I was lying down on my bed. Pain flourished through my body and I cried aloud, I couldn't move nor speak and I was just praying my brother would come back from college.

As I lay in bed I decided that I need to, no I have to, run away from this hell hole place. But I knew that I needed a plan before I did.


No-ones pov:

All day she laid in her broken bed and thought about her escape, and what might the consequences be if she gets caught. Diana never backed down, as she knew this was her only way out of everything. She planned everything out, from the day it will happen, to the last minutes she leaves. Her thoughts were she'd run and won't look back, not ever. Even if that meant she'd end up in London, it was for her best and she knew that.


 But she didn't just want to runaway, she wanted to prove her parents wrong. She wanted them to see someone will and does love her. Maybe, she wished, just maybe she'd meet someone who'd fall in love with her and she'd fall head over heels for him. Diana knew that only happened in dreams and fairy tales. But what if it happened to her?



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