I need you(harry styles fanfic)

Eve isn't a normal teenager.
She tries her best to be normal but really she isn't.
Eve is a princess with magical powers.
She was born with them.
They got passed down her family for centries.
She then meets a group a boy at her royal birthday ball.
What will happen ?
And will he ever find out who she really is ?


1. one

Chapter one -

Eves p.o.v-

I try to be a normal teenager. But it just isn't happening.

I have magical powers. I know sounds crazy right ? Well I was born with them. They got passed down my family for centuries.Apparently one of my ancestors met a witch and then they got married. But then my ancestor go caught cheating on the witch.

So then they put a spell on them. And that spell was to have everyone else in the family to have magical powers.Doesn't sound harmful right ? Well the powers are filled with fear and horror. So everyone got scared of the family.

But then my mum met my dad and everything changed. My dad knew about the powers. But no one else did.

Mum had lived in secret. Not ever stepping out from the shadows. But then she went the royal ball and met dad.

And everything would be perfect if no one knew about the powers.

Harry's p.o.v-


Today was the princess' royal birthday ball. Every one in the kingdom was invited. But I wasn't. But I mean why ? Okay i haven't been the kings favourite person. But I really want to meet this princess. I mean no one has ever met her before. And I don't know why.

I stood there in front of my mirror. In a suit. I was going to sneak in. I put a mask on and walked out of my house.

Eves p.o.v-


I stood there infront of my mirror in a Victorian like dress. I had my hair curled and put my shoes on. I was ready to go. I was turning 18 today.

"You ready?" My dad said knocking on the door.

"Yeah." I replied. I opened my door and standing there was Louis Tomlinson a.k.a dad. He held out his arm and I took it walking into the ballroom with dad.

"I present to you, princess Eve Tomlinson!" Said dad. I smiled and waved. Everyone bowing.

An couple of moments later ....

The party had gotten to much for me so I had gone out to the balcony. The breeze was soothing , it was way better than being in that stuffy room.

"Hi." A deep voice said.

"Hi." I replied.

"You look beautiful." They said. They had curly hair and green eyes, they were also wearing a mask.


"So have you seen the princess? I missed her introduction , so I have no idea who she is."

"Erm.... I'm the princess."

"You are ?"


"Your majesty..." He said , dropping into a bow.

"Who are you ?" I asked.

"I'm Harry styles." He said as he took of his mask. He was the most wanted thief in the kingdom.


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