Two blonds

Rachel is just a normal fan of one direction and 5 seconds of summer. One day she meets them and they become good friends. Luke and Niall fall in love with her . Rachel will have to choose between them and they just happen to be her favs in the bands. Who will she choose ?


8. the wedding

With Alison being pregnant and me having two guys in love with me that I also love is just too much to take on. It's been a few weeks now and zayn And Perrie have finally made their wedding plans. Perrie asked me to be one of her bridesmaids cuz we've become good friends ever senses I met the boys. Today I go wedding gown shopping with Perrie bad the rest of little mix! Zayn and Perrie only chose to have 5 bridesmaids and best men which for zayn will be the others and Louis as the official best man, of you know what I mean and Leigh and jesy are the maids of honor.

I'm at the wedded dress shop with the rest if the girls looking at dresses. I never thought it would be hard. They're getting married on the beach so she wants a nice flowy one. They will be waking down the beach and the after party will be on a platform like thing on the beach as well.

Perrie comes out of the dressing room

In a long flowy dress. It doesn't touch the ground so sand won't drag, has a sweetheart line and no straps and some sparkle. I think it looks perfect and beautiful on her! Perrie says " so what do you girls think ? Yay or nay ? " making faces and doing a thumbs up and down. I say " it looks so beautiful and perfect on you " and the others agree and Perrie says " I really like it. I think this is it " and Linda the assistant says " so you'll get it ? " and Perrie says smiling " yes this is it " and jade sighs saying " finally after u tried like 6 dresses " and Perrie laughs and heads back to the changing room. She comes back and we leave with the dress and she said we would come back the next day for bridesmaids dresses.

We where all staying in a resort cuz the beach it will be on has a resort on it and they thought it would be best. Alison and I head out it the pool with waliyha. We basically just sat in chairs and tanned until 5sos Harry and Niall came to join. We had a few water fights and played a few games until Alison and I left to go take showers.

The next day perri takes us bridesmaids dress shopping. She wanted short so we were looking at short dresses.

It was a ti in between a purple sweetheart neckline dress and a blue sweetheart line dress with a little ruff that starts in between the the boobs then goes down more on the left. They are both so beautiful.

After a long discussion on which dress we pick the purple one. We bring the dresses to the girls room where the wedding dress is too. Zayn and perrie then leave to get the last few things figured out.

It's the day of the wedding. Everything is ready and me and the rest of the girls are in the dressing room waiting for Perrie to say when she is ready to go.

" I can't do this " Perrie says " yes you can, c'mon you've been waiting for this day to come and so have we. It's ok to be nervous " and she says " ok I'm ready " so we head out to line up with the boys. I was put next to Niall. We head down and shortly after the flower girl then Perrie. They say their vows then the ring man comes.. Well women cuz it was Eleanor. They says their I dos and the rings get slipped on their fingered as they kiss.

After that we go to the tent to party. Lots of dancing was going on. Niall wanted to dance with me and so did Luke. So I took turns. They had his dance in the corner for the kids and some of we did it too.

After a while we all sit down cuz Perrie was about the throw the flowers. All the girls crowd up to try and catch it. She turns around throws it back. It goes flying in the back near me and jade and Eleanor and Alison. Girls hands were all over the place trying to catch it. Right before our eyes in falls in Alison's and Eleanor's arms! Perrie turns around smiling and sees it's them and says " awe, are we going to have a double wedding coming up ? " They both shrug and smile.

After a while everyone leaves and I fall asleep cuddling with Niall and Luke.

A/n: sorry it took me forever to update this. One been busy with school and working on other stories and I wasn't sure what I was going to do. I just didn't have an idea

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