Two blonds

Rachel is just a normal fan of one direction and 5 seconds of summer. One day she meets them and they become good friends. Luke and Niall fall in love with her . Rachel will have to choose between them and they just happen to be her favs in the bands. Who will she choose ?


5. the date

The guys will be staying to a hotel and as soon as we get to the hotel we see fabs waiting " how are we going to get in ? " Niall says, " idk " Harry replies Paul gets out and starts yelling " move out of the way! Clear a path " the fabs start moving and the body grades hold back fans as us and the guys walk to the hotel. 5sos write these things like " we love you " and go to a win down and start throwing them out and fans go crazy. Zayn walks up to me and says " I think Niall has a crush on you cuz he's been talking to us about taking you out but don't tell him I told you this " and I say " ok " and he walks back to couch and Harry Comes up to me and says " I'm gonna ask Alison out, you think she will say yes ? " and I say " yeah, she would love to go out with you " and harry smiles and says " ok " and he walks over to her and I hear him say " will you go out with me ? " and i hear her say " of course " and then they hug, she comes to me and says " you won't believe it happen! Harry asked me out ! " and I say " I know that's great " then Niall says " hey Rachael can I see you for a sec ? " and I say " yeah sure " and walk over to him And Alison walks over to Harry. Niall takes me to his room and says " will you go out with me ? " and I say " yes " and he says " ok well I was thinking I would take you to a fancy restraint at 8:00 "I say " ok " and we go back to the others. I see Harry talking to Alison so I go and sit and wait for him to be done.

Harry finally finishes talking to get and she comes to me and says " so what Niall say to you ? " and I say " well he asked me out, he's going to take me out to eat at 8:00 " and she says " awe and Harry said he would take me mini golfing " and I said " oh cool, that will be fun, wanna help me get ready for my date ? " and she replies with " yeah sure "

* 6 hours later *

I keep my skinny jeans on and change my shirt. The shirt I put on is dark blue, short sleeved and was pretty normal but looked nice. Alison comes into my room and says " ready for me to do you hair ? " and I say " yeah " and I sit down on the stool and she starts doing my hair. 15 mins later it's in a bun with a curl on both sides of me head in the front and she says " make up time. " while she is putting make up on me we hear a Knock on the door and I say " hang on " and she finishes my make up and we both get up and open the door and I see Harry and Niall, Alison leaves with Harry and Niall says " you look beautiful " and smoke and blush and say " thanks " and he takes my hand and we head to the restraint. As soon as we get their and man says " how may I help you ? " and Niall says " reserved for horan ? " and the man says " well of course, follow me " and he leads us to a table for two and puts two menus down and we both sit and he says " your waiter will be here to get your drinks " and goes up to the front desk. Another man comes up and asks " what can I get for you to drink ? " and I say " just a water please " and Niall says " I'll have the same as her " and the waiter says " ok " and walks away. Niall and I pick up are menus and start looking at them.

* Alison's prov *

Harry drives to a mini golf places called " ally's mini golf " he parks the car and we get out and walk into the building and the lady at the dear says " just you two ? " and Harry says " yeah " and the lady gives us a card and pencil and we go and pick out are cubs and balls and head to the first hole. I go first and almost get a hole in one then Harry goes. Then I go and it goes in. Harry goes and then we head to the next one. We get to the 10th hole and my ball falls into the water. As I go get it, Harry takes his turn. I get my ball a go.

It's the 18th hole and the score is 20 to 21. Harry is winning. I swing and my ball goes start into the hole. Harry says " very nice " and I say " best that " and he says " I bet I will " then he swings and it hits the wall and goes to the left a little and misses. I say " oh snap " and he says " shut up " and hits it in. We head back inside, and take care of our things and leave.

* Rachael prov *

The man comes back wit your drinks and say " are you guys ready to order " I put my menu down and say " yeah, I would like the four cheeses Mac and cheese " and Niall, still looking at his menu says " I'll have the number 2 rap " abs the waiter says " ok " and leaves. About 30 mins later he comes back with our food. We start eating. When we are done our waiter comes and says " your check is this " abs hands us the recite and Niall says " I'll be paying it " and gets out his Walt and pays, the waiter takes the money and says " I hope you enjoyed your meal " and leaves. We get up abs leave as well.

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