Two blonds

Rachel is just a normal fan of one direction and 5 seconds of summer. One day she meets them and they become good friends. Luke and Niall fall in love with her . Rachel will have to choose between them and they just happen to be her favs in the bands. Who will she choose ?


6. one fight and the club

After the date Luke comes up to me and says " where did you go ? " and I say " Niall took me on a date " and he says " oh " with the look of sadness. I go to Alison's and mine room to go wash the make up off and get ready for bed, when i hear Luke yell " why the fuck did you take her out ? " and Niall yells " maybe because I like her " and Luke says " well I like her too and it makes me mad that you did that " Niall then yells " well I'm sorry, it's not my fault, if she likes me back then it sucks to be you " I decide to go over there. " what the hell guys stop fighting it's not worth it " Luke says " I'm sorry " And looks down and walks away. I walk over to him and say " hey it's ok " and hug him and he says " ok " and hugs back. Niall says " I'm sorry too " I stop hugging Luke and head back to my room. The next day was a concert night, we had the day to our selfs till 3 then we had to leave to the stadium. I decided to go out into town for a while. I was in a cafe when I get a txt from Luke saying " Niall and I decided that we will not fight over you but we decided to have a compunction to see who can win you over " I txt back saying " ok " tho I don't really like the idea cuz I'm pretty sure one of them will get jealous and it will cause a fight. I head back to the hotel and all the guys are in one room and Liam says " tonight you guys wanna go to club ? " and we all say " yeah " and then Harry gets up and says " I would like to ask Alison something but I want you all to watch " and we all have our eyes on him and he goes over to Alison and says " will you, Alison dawn do me the honers of being my girlfriend ? " Alison's eyes widen and she says " yes I would love too " and Harry kisses her, some of us clap and I go " awe. "

Later on we are at the club. Luke takes my hand and pulls me to the dance floor. Calum, Michael and Ashton were seeing who could get the most girls. " you see those two girls ? " Ashton asks them, " yeah " they both say and Ashton says " well I'm going to go and have a little chat situ them " and he gets up and sits next to the girl with the flower tattoo on her arm, slutty cloths and next to her was a girl with no tattoos but slutty cloths and tan skin, Ashton says " hey " and the girl next to him says " what do you want " he says " I would like to buy you girls a drink " and she said " ok and make it strong " and Ashton says " ok " and then yells to the bar tender " can I have two vodkas for these girls " and the bar tender says " sure " and starts making them. The girls friend says " look at you, cutie " and pinched his cheek and he smiles and then the bar tender hands them the drink, the girl next to him says " threesome ? " and Ashton says " no sorry " and stands up to walk back to cal and Mikey when the girl says " ok then but if ever interested here's my number " and hands him a small piece of paper with her number. " so how'd it go ? " and Ashton says with a smile on his face " great " and cal says " well what happen " Ashton tells them and Michael's eyes widen and and jaw drops. An hour or so later everyone is ether drunk or not drunk, Alison and Harry were making out as they leave and Luke and I walk out, on our way Luke says " I need to use the bathroom " and walks into the store we where next to. As I wait I here a noise coming from the ally and then I black out.

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