Two blonds

Rachel is just a normal fan of one direction and 5 seconds of summer. One day she meets them and they become good friends. Luke and Niall fall in love with her . Rachel will have to choose between them and they just happen to be her favs in the bands. Who will she choose ?


9. max

I've been helping Alison lately and have learned a lot about pregnancy. I've started dating this guy named max. I'm still good friends with Luke and Niall but I couldn't pick one of them so I just choose to date someone else. He's very nice and sweet and funny. He plays tennis and me and everyone else are going to watch him today. All the boys hand a day off so it worked out just fine.

We get to the tennis court where he was playing at. Max and his buddy's, Sam, Andrew and Bradley come up to us and max says "I'm glad you could make it babe" and kisses my cheek. I smile "wouldn't miss it" and he smiles "a party will be held at my house tonight after the games. You and your friends can come" I reply "ok" then he leaves to his Coach. We all sit down on the bleachers to watch.

The games went well. They won all. As we were getting up max comes up to me and kisses me "I'm so happy we won" he says after the kiss with a big smile and I smile "yeah you did great" and he says "yeah."

We ended up going to max's house. Alison and Harry went back to the hotel. Alison didn't wanna go to the party. The rest of us tho, we came to help max get ready.

A while later guess arrive and we party.

"So babe how's the part going ?" Max asks with a drink In his hand I say "fine" and he says "well I could make it funner" winking at me with a smirk on his face and I say "no I don't want too" and he says "why not baby ?" Squeezing my bum and I say "cuz I'm not ready" and he says "I've been wanting to fuck you all night. I promise I'll go easy on you. Do it for me baby" I say starting to yell at him "no I don't want to and you should respect that!" And he says yelling at me "fine then we are over! " people were staring to watch and I tear up and say "fine" and leave.

The boys all go out after me. "I'm sorry" Luke says coming up behind me "it's fine" I say in tears "no it's not" Niall says hugging me. I hug him back crying into his shoulder.

We get to our cars and drive back to the hotel. All I remember is crying onto Niall shoulder. I must of falling asleep during the car ride because when I wake up I'm in my hotel room bed.

I check my phone and find 100reds of txts from max and 900+ calls from him. The only thing I do is txt him back "we are done. You said so last night and I don't wanna be with you after what you asked. " and deleting all messages with him, pictures, unfollowing him on twitter and Instagram and unfrieding him on Facebook and deleting his contact from my phone.

I get up from out of bed and go into the bathroom. I look in the mirror and see my tear drained face. I sigh and go pee.

When I'm done with that I change and put my hair up in a messy bun and go down to breakfast.

Luke, Harry, Alison and zayn we all down eating at a table so I go and join them.

Alison says to me "how are you ?" With a concerned look "fine" I say sitting at their table. She says "Luke told us what happen" "oh" I say not really caring.

I get up from the table to go get some food. By the time I get back Liam and Louis were both up and at the table. I sit back in my spot and eat my food.

15mins later Ashton and calum are up and we have to wake Niall and Michael up so we can leave.

They both love to sleep so this will be a challenge. I go to Niall and gently shake him "Niall get up we have to leave" he groans "Niall your not gonna have breakfast" and he perks up "ok I'm up" he says. I leave him to get change and what not. Michael was waken up from Louis pouring water on him which made him mad.

Once they're both fed and ready we get into the tour bus and leave for a photo shoot and interview.


"So Niall tell us, what is it like having Luke hemmings in 5 seconds of summer ?" Says the interviewer "well it doesn't really bother me. If Luke likes her then he can like her" "mhm" we get from the interviewer. "Have you guys ever fought over her ?" At this point Niall was getting pissed and says "do we need to talk about this ?" And the interviewer says "alright Harry how's you and Alison going with her being pregnant ?" She hand Harry the microphone "great" Harry says "that's good" Harry nods. "Now what we really want to know is, how's the 5th album going ?" Pointing the mic at Louis "it's doing fine. It's fine" "that's good news, do you have an idea of when it be released ?" She asks still pointing the mic at Louis "um.." He stops to think. "November" at that was the end. She didn't interview 5sos cuz they were 'too boring' in her words.

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