Two blonds

Rachel is just a normal fan of one direction and 5 seconds of summer. One day she meets them and they become good friends. Luke and Niall fall in love with her . Rachel will have to choose between them and they just happen to be her favs in the bands. Who will she choose ?


3. all but Michael

We were all doing are own things on the tour bus and it was now 1:15am when Paul says " bad time " I hear a few whines from some people and Harry said " ok " and a few mins later it pitch dark in the tour bus and everyone is the their bunk or getting in theirs. The next day Paul wakes us up at 5 so they can get ready for their morning show, which meant Alison and I could hang out with 5sos during that time! " see you all later " Harry says while waving to us as he walks out and we say " bye " when they are all gone Luke says " what do you guys and girls want to do ? " and Michael says in a tired tone " sleep " and Luke said " no really we should do something " and then Michael argued back saying " Luke it's fucking 6 in the morning! " and then Ashton said " know Michael no need for that kind of language, I'm sure Luke knows it's that early don't you Luke ? " and Luke replies with " yeah I do " and Ashton said " ok " then Michael said kinda angry " you guys can do whatever you want I'm going to bed " and Luke said " ok, so what do the rest of you want to do with the time we have ? " and calum says " go and get some food " and we all say " yeah " and Luke goes up to mark and says " can we go get some food " and he says " yeah but be fast. " and Luke says " ok we will " and the turns back to us and says " we can go " and we all get up from where we were and walk out. As we were walking Ashton asks " where do you guys wanna eat ? " and I say " how about that cafe ? " and calum says " anywhere with food " and all laugh and Ashton says " yeah that sounds good " and we all walk into the cafe. The cafe smelt of nice coffee abs had doughnuts, bagels, and those crussent things. A lady with pretty blond hair asks " what can I get for ya ? " senses i was the first one I say " a chocolate bagel please " and she says " mmhh " and then Ashton says " I would like a water and a plain bagel " and she shacks her head yes and then Alison says " I would like orang juice and a Oreo doughnut " then calum says " may I have one of those red things " pointing at the crûssent thing with red jam on it " and may I have a water " and then Luke says " I'll have a cup of coffee and a bagel " and she says " ok and your totally is 25 dollars please " and Ashton's pays. We wait a few mins for our food then go and site down to eat. When we are done it's 7:25 and we head back it the tour bus.

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