Not This Time.

Being a Demon isn't exactly easy on Dean. Or Sam.. or anyone, for that matter. Things begin to change for the worse when some stupid little girl runs into their lives. Not even she thinks it's a good idea that she's there. Although.. this single girl may change things forever. For Sam. For Dean. Even Castiel and Gabriel. The world would be so much different right now if she hadn't stumbled upon these broken boys.


1. Introduction


Bambi's POV


         The jacket draped around my shoulders does nothing for the pinching cold. I lick my lips an an attempt to keep them from getting too chapped, but it just makes it worse. I suppose the numbing cold matches how awful of a night I've had. I was so excited for this date that my friend had set up.. but of course it ended in flames. I blame my mother, for naming me Bamby. The childish insults I've heard my whole life ring through my head, but I push them away. I don't want to think of that right now. 


"Screw this.." I murmur quietly.

          I stop and lean against a random building to kick off my heels. I sigh in relief and carry them. As much as I love how they make me look, these shoes are a pain. I hum a little to myself as I walk, to cheer myself up. Suddenly, my eyes fall onto a very tall, ruggedly handsome man. As attractive as he is, I'm quite intimidated. After all, I'm 5'5", and he looks.. much taller. 

         I look down, hoping he won't notice me. Oh god, of all nights, not tonight. Please, please, please. I'm currently wearing a little black dress that my friend made me wear. I've got a curvy body, I'm not skinny, but not fat either. My hair is messily curly, thick, and falls to the middle of my back. I'm not too noticeable, right? Oh god..

         I can feel him getting closer to me. I can smell the faint scent of whiskey on his breath. I really should have let Alex walk me back home. I can feel my heart thumping harder and harder inside of my chest. Suddenly, I feel his shoulder brush past mine as he passes me, without a second thought. I breathe out a small sigh of relief.

"Watch it." He grumbles in a raspy voice. I give him an odd look, but decide to just keep walking. 

         There's something off about that man, I can tell.. With a shake of my head, I decide to just keep walking.

          Thank god. I'm almost home. Just one more block. Just one more block and I'll be in the safety of my apartment. I'm smiling a little to myself, until I see an even taller  and more threatening man. Only... he seems different. His hair is long and he's got this look to him. I almost trust him, even though I've never met him. Although the look in his eyes screams "broken".  

          Even so,  I'm still quite intimidated. In all honesty, I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to men on the street. I fold my arms over my stomach, keeping my hazel eyes trained onto the ground. I've always hated how dark my eyes are, but at least it makes me less noticeable. 

"Excuse me, miss?" I hear him ask. I look up, tucking my hair behind my ear. 

"Yes?" I ask softly.

"Hi. Have you seen my brother? He's about this tall, has a scruffy beard, blonde hair... a little drunk?" I pause, realizing he's talking about the man I said earlier. I glance over at the alley we're next to when I hear a small clink. I ignore it for now. I nod. 

"I did.. I saw him earlier a few blocks ba-" An intensely sharp pain rings throughout the side of my head, and suddenly, everything's black. 




          I awake with a small groan as usual. The ringing in my head still hasn't stopped, and I've got no clue where I am. I'm facing a pastel colored curtain, my hands pinned above me. I glance up, realizing that I've been handcuffed to a shower. Immediately, panic bubbles up within me. I tug at the metal, which does nothing but causes a burning sensation in my wrists. 

          My teeth sink into my lower lip, in an attempt to keep myself from crying. Whoever put me here, I don't want them to know that I'm conscious, much less vulnerable. Suddenly, the curtain is opened to reveal the taller man from earlier. I put on my bravest face and stare up at him, my eyes harshly piercing his. 

         The man gets down onto his knees, his eyes surprisingly soft. I don't buy this act one little bit. 

"Hi.. I know that you've gotta be scared out of your mind. I'm Sam. What's your name?" I don't reply. How can someone who look so sweet and gentle do something like this to me? I shake my head. 

"Look, I can explain all of this, you'll just have to give me some time." I give him a scowl, shifting a little. Y'know, being handcuffed to a shower isn't totally comfortable. Not to mention I'm still wearing that little black dress. "Are you uncomfortable?" 

          Again, I don't reply. I look away from him, now unable to stand looking at him. Suddenly, the door to the bathroom opens. 

"Dean, not now." Sam says, clearly annoyed. 

"Let me guess.. you're getting nothing? You're too nice, little Sammy boy." His tone is aggressive and sarcastic. Even though he's extremely attractive, there's still something too entirely off about him. "My turn." A twisted grin creeps onto his lips, causing a churning feeling in my stomach. 

         My eyes follow Sam as he leaves, leaving me alone and vulnerable with this guy. I watch as his fingers wrap around a buck knife which wasn't in his hand before. Dean slowly creeps closer to me, his cold blade pressing against the skin of my neck. 

"Name." He demands, his voice raspy and deep. I Don't reply. Apparently, that's quite amusing to him. He laughs a little, pressing the knife deeper into my skin. I can feel a bit of blood emerge from my throat. "I said, name.

"Bambi." I reply harshly, my voice wavering more than I'd mean it to. Dammit.. I should have lied. 

"Are you kidding? Bambi?" I laughs outrageously loud, causing me to flinch. 

         In that moment, years and years of being picked on for my stupid name builds up inside of me. Everything that I've been holding back.. it's not released. I jerk forward, headbutting him. Hard. I stand up and throw all of my weight to the side, breaking the bar holding me to the shower. 

        Jumping out of the tub and amazingly enough, past Dean, I push my way out of the bathroom. I can see the door, I'm so close. Of course, Sam is there, waiting for me. His long, toned arm catches me, pulling me backwards. 

"Let go of me! Get your hands off of me!" I scream at the top of my lungs. 

"Oh, cute little Bambi. You can't run out that easily.." I hear Dean say evilly. I look up at him. There's a red mark on his forehead, and... his... his eyes.. they're completely black. It's terrifying. 

"Bambi?" Sam asks. His grip around me relaxes, but doesn't release. 

"Oh you didn't know? That's our little Princess' name. Bambi." He mocks. 

"SHUT UP! DON'T CALL ME THAT!" I scream, even though I'm sure I look ridiculous. 

"Ohh, she's a little feisty one." I stare up at him.

"What in the hell happened in your life to screw you up so much?" I growl. "What? Was daddy a little too absent? Or maybe abusive? Was mommy a drunk?" I have no patients for guys like this. Guys who think that this is okay.

"SHUT UP!" He bellows. I wince, turning away. Sam's arm wraps around my stomach a little harder. 

"Bambi, don't." He warns in a soft voice. It only tells me that I've found a weak spot.

"So what was it? Did your daddy not love you? What about your mommy?" I mock, knowing that I'm hurting him. Good. 

              Without much warning, I feel a stinging in my cheek. It takes me a moment to realize that he's just hit me. I look up at him, into his strange, black eyes. 

"You keep your damn mouth shut! You know nothing!" He barks. I flinch a little, but keep eye contact. I know that if I look away, he'll get the better of me. He'll think that he's won. 

"Dean," Sam starts.

"No. You heard the way she was talking!" 

"She doesn't know." Sam begs. 

              I'm quickly shoved into Sam's chest, and he doesn't even stumble backwards. His large hand grasps my upper arm, steadying me. For no apparent reason, the broad shoulder, black eyed boy hurries out of the room. I must have frustrated him. Good. That means that I won this little battle. 

"I'm sorry," Sam breathes. "I know this must be hard for you." He sits down on the bed, still looking up at me. Even with him sitting, he's still almost as tall as me. He'd be taller, if he had better posture. It's clear that he's self conscious about his height. I sigh and shake my head. 

                 I look down at my body. My clothes are a little crumpled, but I'm still wearing them. Good. I look around at the room, wondering if there's away out. Of course I can't run, because Sam will just catch me again.

"Why am I here?" I spit bitterly. 

"It's hard to ex-"

"No, no it's not!" I shout. "Why did you pluck a little girl from the streets? Hm? You didn't do anything to me. Not sexually anyway. So what am I? A hostage? A witness?" I start, my voice straining more and more. 

"I'll explain it all, once I know everything." He sighs.

"Oh great, my kidnappers don't even know why they kidnapped me!" 

"Just calm down," Sam soothes, his hand resting on my shoulder. I jerk my body away from him.

"Why should I?" 

"We did this for your own good. Trust me, you're much safer here." 



          They were gracious enough to allow me to have my own bed. Dean came back after about two hours. He didn't even look at me, but his eyes were different. They were no longer black, but a bright emerald color. He's actually quite attractive, but knowing what he's done, I can tell that his personality is much less than attractive. 

          When he walks in, I curled up under the covers. Not that I'm scared of him, it's just that I really don't feel like dealing with him. At all. I can tell that he's decided to look at me. He's staring at me. Why? Why won't he stop looking at me? A small shudder ripples throughout my body. 

"Cold?" He grumbles. It takes me a minute, but I nod. He seems to want to take a step towards me, but decided against it. Thank god. "Anyway, Sammy." He turns towards his brother, ignoring me momentarily. "I found the guy. Told him everything, and he didn't want anything to do with her. He said that she wasn't a part of his life. Douchebag." He grumbles. 

"What?" I murmur to myself, turning onto my side to get a look at the two. Sam rolls his eyes.

"Yeah. Definitely a jerk." 

"Who?" I ask, crinkling my eyebrows. 

"No one, Bambi. Just go to sleep." Dean says bitterly. I roll my eyes. 

"Fine, whatever." 


Dean's POV


                  As soon as Bambi falls asleep, I sigh and sit at the other side of her bed. 

"Sam, what kind of man wouldn't want to even meet his daughter?" 

"Well... Dean, if you haven't noticed, our dad wasn't a five star guy either." Sam says. 


"You can't keep it up for too much longer. Y'know, pretending to be a cold-hearted demon." I shake my head, glancing over at the not-so-delicate girl. 

"I don't want her getting attached to me." I slowly take the transforming black contacts out and put them back. "At least those stupid enchanted contacts work." I shake my head. "But she did get on my nerves earlier..." 

"Can you blame her? I mean, she's had a bit of a rough day." 


                  I look over at the girl, who's sleeping peacefully. Yeah, she's had it rough. But it would have been way worse if we hadn't done this. I shake my head. 


Whatever. She needs us. Whether she likes it or not.

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