Lina is used to being the youngest, with her older brother turning 19 in a month, and her best friend had turned 18 a few months ago. She never had any problem with it, until her brother introduced her to Ashton, who was definitely over 18. Will they be able to tolerate the age difference?


1. Chapter 1 - Close As Strangers

SOTC: Close As Strangers - 5SOS

QOTU: What is your favorite 5SOS song?


"Lina! Wake up! You still have to go to school!" I hear as someone shakes my shoulder. My eyes flutter open, and I catch a glimpse of red. Ugh, Michael. Sometimes I hate my older brother.

"Michael, it's Saturday. Why did you wake me up?" I ask, rubbing my eyes. He just shakes his head, smirking.

"You really don't remember what today is, do you?" he asks, chuckling deeply. What did I forget?

"It's October 11. Do you remember what today is now?" he questions, raising his eyebrow while I jump out of bed to get dressed. Today was my 17th birthday, and Michael was taking me to a concert. Not just any concert. A Sleeping With Sirens concert.

Michael groans, covering his eyes. "Lina, next time warn me next time I wake you up, but you're not wearing pants." He says, keeping his eyes covered.

"Sorry, Mikey, I had kinda forgotten. It is my birthday after all, shouldn't I be allowed to walk around without pants?" I respond, going to my drawer to get out a pair of black skinny jeans. After I find the pair I'm looking for, I slip them on. After zipping them, Michael turns around, only to cover his eyes again.

"Can't you be a normal person and put your shirt on before your pants?" he asks, as I had forgotten to tell him I took my shirt off. Oops. He's my older brother, we did this kinda thing all the time. He just never got used to the fact that I'm so open about changing in front of him.

"Mikey, I'm far from normal. You've lived with me for 17 years, you should know this the best out of anyone." I respond, picking up my Sleeping With Sirens shirt that I had bought on eBay for this occasion. Michael chuckles walking out of the room.

"Oh, and Lina, I hope you're ready to make some new friends. I have backstage passes." He says from the doorway. I begin screaming internally. I'm going to meet Kellin Quinn!

"One more thing. Luke, Calum, and Ashton are coming too." He says from down the hall, and I internally groan. I really do not like Calum. Luke is okay, I guess, but I've never met Ashton. I know he's one of Michael's best friends, but I have no clue who he is.

I rush to the bathroom to do my makeup and straighten my hair. After I apply a light layer of eyeliner and a bit of mascara to my top lashes, I apply a clear, glittery lip gloss. I quickly straighten my hair before running out of the bathroom to grab my phone. As I stuff my phone in my pocket, Michael shouts down the hall to me.

"Lina! Hurry the fuck up! Calum and Luke are here, and Ashton is waiting for us!" he shouts as I walk out of my room. When I enter the living room, I see Calum and Michael on the couch, and Luke in the recliner. I groan when I see Calum. He flips me the bird, going back to his conversation with Michael. I shoot Luke a small smile, which he returns.

The boys stand, and we walk out the door to Michael's car, Calum calling shotgun as he 'was the oldest of the three of us' and Luke and I were in the back, me sitting behind Michael and Luke behind Calum. As Michael backs out of the driveway, I can't help but think what Kellin will think of me. I am too consumed in my thoughts to realize we have pulled up to a house, and a boy with dirty blonde, curly hair tied back by a black bandana is approaching my door. As he opens the door, I scoot towards Luke, allowing him to scoot in beside me.

"Thanks, babe. I know if Calum were back here I would've had to climb over him to the middle seat." The boy says, closing the door. Calum shoots him a glare, causing him to chuckle.

"No problem, I'm Lina." I say, holding my hand out for him to shake.

"Ashton. Such a pleasure to be sitting next to you on the way to a concert." He responds, taking my hand into his, shaking it firmly. This is Ashton? Damn.

"Ashton, I swear to God, you touch my sister, and I will staple your penis to a cactus and chop your balls off using a rusty spoon." Michael says, checking his mirror before backing out of the driveway. Ashton flinches, hand automatically going to his crotch.

"No worries mate. She looks a bit young for me anyways." He says to Michael, who nods in response. I wonder why Ashton said that, he doesn't look any older than Luke.

"Ashton, she doesn't need your 20-year-old hands roaming somewhere they shouldn't be." Luke adds, shifting slightly next to me.

"I'm thinking they're not going to." I add, putting in my two cents, since the conversation is about me.

"Good girl, Lina." Michael praises, nodding towards me without taking his eyes off the road.

"Now why would you say that?" Ashton asks, turning to look at me, and I look back at him. I see those hazel eyes and begin having second thoughts on my previous statement.

"Now, Ashton, why would I fuck a guy who is three years older than me? Besides, even if I weren't 17, or you 20, I wouldn't let you. Simply for the reason that we are as close as strangers."


(A/N) Hey guys, so this is Chapter 1 of my Ashton Irwin story. Are you guys enjoying it so far? It's literally a 5 AM chapter so I know it's shit. Ummm, if you could, please follow me on Twitter, @music_obsessor2. If you want to, Kik me: tessajo2000. Okay my beautiful rainbows, it is time for bed for a certain 14 year old. Goodnight lovelies, I love you all so much! Just remember, no chapter 2 until there is at least 15 reads on chapter 1. And yes this is on Wattpad, and yes it is me.

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