Ripped, now torn

As Justin woke up from my bed he turned on the television and saw headlines saying “Are you still a Belieber?”. Justin quickly turned off the television and threw the remote across the room. All he could think of is that he lost his Beliebers…


1. Hell

No one will forgive him or he thinks that. As justin gets up he walks over to his private bathroom and searchs for pills. As Pattie walks in she gently holds Justin’s hands and says “Let’s talk, mother to son.” Justin drops his pills and walks with his mother. As they walk out Justin’s bedroom door and down the stairs to the family room Pattie sits on the couch and tells justin to take a seat next to her. Pattie says “Justin, I love you. You are just not making the brightest choices right now.” Justin stops his mother from talking and says “I’m sorry. Very sorry. I know I have not done the best things for about a year” Justin started to choke up. Tears started coming down from his eyes. He sits up and bends down putting his hands over his face. “I. I Just. I just feel alone.” Pattie scoots over and comforts Justin. As he raises his head his mother wipes away the tears and gives a strong hug. Pattie whispers in Justin’s ear “I’m your mother, I will always be here for you no matter what. Come to me and talk” Justin gets up and walks to the wall facing it, putting his head on it. “Mom” with a brief pause. “Do I still have Beliebers?” Justin sounded disgusted when he said this. “Man oh man, Justin your Beliebers are stronger than ever, yes you have lost some but those won’t Beliebers. Twitter was blowing up with the care and support they have sent you is outstanding” Justin turns around and says “They mean so much to me.. without them where would I be? I was afraid of losing them.” 

Pattie gets up because she heard the doorbell ring. As she opens the door all she could hear was “WHAT DO YOU THINK OF JUSTIN GETTING ARRESTED?” “WHAT WOULD YOU SAY IF JUSTIN GOT SENT BACK TO CANADA?” Pattie quickly shuts the door, locking all the locks. Runs to Justin and says “This is why you are a mess” grabbing Justins hand they they both run to the garage. Getting into the black SUV with tinted windows they left the house.

“See mom, they don’t go away. I did something bad and the whole world turns on me, when I do something good only my Beliebers see it.” Justin said with a angry voice. “It’s fame, you started young and now you’re broken. Media has a job to break people and over the year they ripped you little by little and now you’re torn” Pattie said while driving. As they are on their ride white vans chase after them, not just from the back. There coming out everywhere. “MOM MAKE IT STOP” Justin exclaimed. “Justin you know where ever we go they will always know where we are.”

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