Gone Out of My Mind, Please Leave a Message.


1. Chapter 1


There is a problem in my head.

The ever present sounds of despair.

The moaning and groaning.

The mistakes, turning around and around. But I cannot forget the memories made, or turn back time.

I would know.

I've tried.

See, when something is wrong with you, you don't know.

Someone has to discover.

You don't know what you're hiding,so you can't hide anything.

The find out. They always do.

And once they do...

It's far to late.

❌⏪Daisy's POV⏩❌

I slammed my locker shut in frustration.

"Trouble in paradise, princess?"

The annoying voice speaking to me belonged to none other than Luke Hemmings. Once upon a time, Luke was an ok kid. Then high school happened. his arrogant attitude makes him think he can get me to like him, because apparently something is wrong with me because I dont.

I glared at him as he leaned against nearby lockers. "No, dickwad. I'm just mad, ok? Not that it's any of YOUR business!"

He smirked and slowly raised his hands in the air. "Whoa. 'Scuse me, princess. Just wondering what crawled up your ass so early in the morning. "

I rolled my green eyes and looked into his blue ones. I wasn't about to tell him that I got detention. It wasn't my fault. Well, not entirely my fault. My 'best friend' Krystal decided she wanted everyone to know about me being...well,crazy. The principal over heard me threatening her, and now my after school for the next two weeks will be at the school, in detention.

"What's it to you, anyway, Luke? It's not like I'm bothering you."

He simply stared. " Oh, but you are. "

He looked like he was going to say something else, but was promptly cut off.

The bell rang, and soon the halls filled up with bored and tired students eager to leave. Luke and I turned our backs to each other, pretending nothing happened and continued on our way.

'Why'd you say that? At least he was pretending to sortakindanotreally care!'

I shook my head and grit my teeth in frustration. Now is not the time!

'You can't ignore me, Daisy. I'm a part of you, like it or not. Go back to the cute boy and flirt a bit! Good practise! 'Cause face it, you need it!'

I stopped in the middle of the hallway, oblivious to the obvious complaints made by passing students.

"Go. Away. I don't listen to you anyway, so just go back to where you came from!"

I got several strange glances, but other than that, it went unnoticed.

See, I have voices in my head too. But this one is more prominent, to the extent where it might be someone else entirely. I'm on drugs to try to help at least, but that only helps nine times out of ten.

This,person.. in my mind, can literally control me. She sounds like me, but we have polar opposite personalities. I call her Lily. The other part if me, as if I'm a package deal.

'Babe, I ain't goin' nowhere.'

HEY HEY HEYYYY or is it hi? Haha so thanks for reading and GUESS WHAT??? I have several character positions open, SOOOO if you're interested, message me!! :3 I'm trying to write a cool book that WILL HAVE A SEQUEL so TELL EVERYONE ABOUT THIS BOOK AND I HOPE YOU LIKED TO FIRST BIT LOVE YOU BYE

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