6. ch.6~ everything is so foreign

Surprisingly, I slept the whole 12 hours. I knew I was exhausted, but I didn't know I was that exhausted. Luke had to wake me up when we touched down.

" Hey, wake up. " he said, nudging my arm.

I groaned and covered my eyes. " No "

" Yes, the plane is landed. " he said, standing up.

I opened my eyes lazily. " Where are we? "

He offered his hand and I took it and pulled myself up. " Sydney. " he said and lead me down the aisle of the plane.

" Sydney..Australia?? " I asked, my eyes going wide.

" Yep. " he said as we stepped off the plane.

I didn't know what to say, so I just kept quiet. I didn't exactly know how to feel about him bringing me all the way to the other side of the world. It was great, because I was far away from my home, and it's dark memories, but I was somewhere I'd never been before. Somewhere new that would help my fresh start, but I knew nothing about Sydney.

I hadn't realized I had stopped walking until Luke grabbed my hand and pulled me to the terminal to grab our bags. I was considering muttering a 'sorry' but decided against it. It wasnt my fault I zoned out when I thought about stuff.

We grabbed our bags off of the conveyor thingy and Luke led me to the doors. I looked down at our hands and wondered why he hadn't let go yet. Or why I hadn't. It was comforting, having him. But I didn't know how close I wanted to get to this Luke kid, last time I got close to a boy I ended up hurting him. I wiggled my hand away from his and stuffed it in my hoodie pocket. He glanced back at me but not for long.

When we got outside, I was greeted with a cool blast of air. It was cold here in Australia.

" What now? " I turned to Luke.

He shrugged.

" You brought me to Australia, and you don't even have a plan as to where we are going to stay or what we are gonna do or.. "

" We can stay at my flat I have here. " he cut me off. " I was shrugging because I don't know how we are gonna get there. "

I rolled my eyes. " Like that's any better. " I muttered.

" What was that? " he asked.

I shook my head and pulled my hood over my head. I was stuck with this random stranger in Australia, with no way to get to his apartment. Well, I guess he wasn't technically a stranger anymore, but I still hardly knew him. I was too busy thinking to realize that Luke was on the phone with someone.

" Please. We are at the airport. " he said into the speaker.

I couldn't hear whoever it was he was talking to reply but he ended the conversation with a short 'thanks'.

I raised my eyebrow at him expectantly.

" My friend, Calum, is gonna come pick us up. " he said, shoving his hands in his pockets.

I nodded. So another stranger is gonna come pick me and my friend/stranger up from this strange airport to go take us to some strange flat that I've never been to. Everything felt so foreign, and I was scared I was gonna have a breakdown. I had never been out of the country and it was scary. I was somewhat excited to experience new things and start over...but I was still scared.


A sleek black Camero pulled up around 30 minutes later. Luke motioned for me to follow, and we climbed in the back. Two guys where up front, the one driving had a bandanna wrapped around his curly brown hair and the other one was twisted in his seat to talk to Luke.

I sat there quietly and learned that his name was Calum. I wondered who the other guy was. I looked out the window and watched as other cars passed by. I was lost in my own little world when Luke nudged me. I turned towards him and he looked at me expectantly.

" What..? " I said.

He chuckled. " Cal just asked you a question. "

" Oh. " I blushed. " Sorry, I wasn't paying attention. "

Calum laughed. " It's okay. I said, what's your name? "

" Delilah. " I replied.

" Well I'm Calum, that's Ashton. " he said pointing to the guy who was driving. He then stuck out his hand for me to shake. I shook it and noticed his strong grip.

" So where are you from? " Ashton asked.

" Seattle. " I replied quietly.

" What are you doing here in Sydney? " Cal asked.

I glanced at Luke and sighed. " I.. "

" She came with me. " Luke spoke up, catching on that I didn't want to tell them about running away.

Calum raised his eyebrow but nodded.

" Well, welcome to Australia. " he said before he turned around again.

I mouthed a 'thanks' to Luke and he smiled and nodded.


We arrived at Luke's apartment building and went up to his floor. Calum and Ashton stayed to hang out for a good hour or so before leaving. When they where gone it was just Luke and I. He grabbed my stuff, which was still sitting in his living room, and took it down the hall. I followed him, assuming he was taking it to where I was gonna sleep.

He led me to the end of the hallway. There where two doors on each side, one was closed, and the other one was open. It led to a guest room. He set my bag down in there.

" You can stay in here. " he said. He turned to leave but I grabbed his arm.

" Thank you. " I said quietly, letting go of his arm. He nodded and left me to unpack.

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