5. ch.5~ plane

Luke made me cover my eyes while we walked down the terminal to get on a plane to who knows where. He had to hold my arm and lead me, which I found oddly comforting. Something about this Luke guy made me feel like I could trust him. I hadn't felt like I could trust anyone for a long time.

We got onto the mostly empty plane. He let me sit by the window, which I was really thankful for.

" I have a confession to make. " I said as we say down.

" And what would that be? "

" I've never flown on a plane before. "

I said, looking out the small window.

" Never? " he gaped.

I shook my head. " Never ever. "

" Wow. " he said.

" What? "

" Nothing. " he smirked.

I playfully punched him. " Tell me! "

" It just seems like out of all people, you seem like you'd fly the most. You got this whole 'running away' thing down. " he said.

I shook my head. " I've just been planning this for a long, long time. "

He nodded, then got quiet. It wasn't an awkward silence, but it wasn't comforting either. I looked out the window as we took off. I was a little nervous, but I didn't let Luke see that. I pretended it didn't bother me. Once we where in the air, the view of the ground beneath us was amazing. City lights scattered here and there.

" Hey, Luke? " I said, not taking my eyes off of the window.

" Yeah? "

" How long are we gonna be on this plane? "

" Like.. 12 hours? "

" What?? " I asked, turning to him.

He shrugged. " Yeah. "

" Where in the world are you taking me? "

" Somewhere. "

" Luke!! "

" What?? "

I poked my lip out. " Pleasee "

He smiled. " The puppy dog face doesn't work on me. "

I crosse my arms and frowned. " Why won't you just tell me?? " I huffed.

" Coz I want it to be a surprise " he said.

When I didn't answer, he poked my cheek. " Hey, c'mon. Don't be angry with me. "

I sighed. " I'm not mad I just wanna know where I'm going. I mean I'm on a plane with a complete stranger who's taking me somewhere and I have no idea where! "

He just sighed and sat back in his seat. Good, I was tired of talking to him for now. I leaned back in my chair and closed my eyes. I was utterly exhausted and the plane was surprisingly more comfortable than the bus.

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