Death the Kid X Liz short stories

Random little stories (out of order) of one of my favorite ships KidXLiz from Soul Eater


2. Breakups & Love

((Side note; Because I write drabbles in no order whatsoever, this happens before they start dating))

*Kid peeked his head into the living room making sure not to be noticed by Liz and her boyfriend*

"She looks so beautiful, I wish I could just -- no I can't be thinking such things, Liz has a boyfriend who she is obviously committed to and loves" Kid thought to himself as he watching Liz have her 3 year anniversary dinner with her boyfriend. As Kid was thinking to himself, he saw Liz's boyfriend go down on one knee and pull out a diamond ring, and Kid's jaw dropped. "N-No way, h-he's p-p-proposing?!!" Kid mouthed. Kid carefully examined Liz as she smiled and hugged her boyfriend. "Y----" Liz started then stepped back and frowned for a slight second then glanced at a picture of Kid. After a couple minutes of her boyfriend down on one knee and Liz thinking about it she finally said "No, I-I can't marry you, I think I've fallen for someone else and I just wouldn't feel right marrying you" Liz's boyfriend stood up and frowned then made up a lame excuse to leave.

As soon as he left Liz went to sit down on the couch and started to cry, as Kid was about to walk in he heard Liz say something to herself. "Am I really in love with Kiddo?" Kid waited a couple minutes then walked to the couch and sat down with Liz. "Liz? Are you okay?" Kid said he he pulled her into a hug, noticing not only his heart, but also Liz's heart beating faster. Then without thinking about it he kissed her forehead, which left both Kid and Liz blushing like crazy. Liz smiled and sat up, "How about some beer?" she said with a little smirk. Kid got up and grabbed a case of beer and walked back to the couch. Liz chugged down her first bottle and was getting drunk fast, Kid followed her lead and chugged down his first bottle too, and within a short period of time, they were both drunk. When they finally finished they were both wasted.

*The next morning*

Kid slowly opened his eyes and saw Liz, asleep on his bare chest. He smirked for a split second as he noticed Liz was naked and so vulnerable. His eyes looked down and he saw that he was also naked, so he glanced around the room trying to find his pants. When Kid finally saw his pants he noticed Liz's bra was right on top of them. Kid stood up carefully trying not to disturb Liz, then quickly got dressed. He made his way back to Liz then carefully picked her up and brought her to her bedroom. When he got there he slipped a huge t-shirt onto Liz then tucked her into bed. "Wow, never thought I would do that" Kid said to himself as he thought about the night before. Kiddo made his way back to the couch and started cleaning up, which took awhile because there was beer bottles and clothing articles everywhere. But when Kid was just about done cleaning her heard a knock on the door and a voice, "Liz?!! Liz?!!!! Come out!! We need to talk!" And Kid stopped dead in his tracks.

((Well this is my first real chapter! This will be continued into the next chapter so follow or favorite of you want to see what Liz's 'boyfriend' has to say ~Emma <3))

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