Death the Kid X Liz short stories

Random little stories (out of order) of one of my favorite ships KidXLiz from Soul Eater


1. The Wedding

*30 minutes before the wedding was scheduled to start*


"There, now everything is perfectly symmetrical" Kid says as he looks at his outfit in the mirror. He turns around and heads toward the main hall to make sure everything is perfectly symmetrical. When he enters the main hall he see's his worst nightmare, asymmetry. "This can't be! This place is asymmetrical garbage! Just like my hair!!! I'M ASYMMETRICAL GARBAGE!!! I DON'T DESERVE LIZ!!


"Patty? Do you think my dress is symmetrical? What about my hair? I don't want Kid to freak out during the ceremony." Liz says as she repeatedly checked herself in the mirror. "You look beautiful Liz, and symmetrical."

*45 minutes later*

"I do" Liz says as she loses herself in Kid's beautiful Amber eyes. "You may now kiss the bride." Kid leans in to Liz's soft vulnerable and most of all gorgeous face and kissed her on the lips. It was a kiss like no other, this kiss had so much more meaning. This kiss means that Kid and Liz will be together for the rest of their lives, there's no turning back. This kiss is the beginning of their new lives. 


This is just a short introduction to my fanfiction type and style. I would normally write longer stories but I wanted to make a short one to show you guys how I write, although this is not as in depth as a I normally would write




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