Counting away the hours

A young girl is kidnapped at the age of 10 and goes through traumatizing experiences. With only her diary to keep her company, she counts away the hours until her parents will come to rescue her. They are coming, aren't they? This story about a brave young girl will make you cry with her, and will leave you wanting to read more


7. Diary Entry 6

Dear Diary,

On and on the wheel spins. Over and over I am passed on. Higher and higher the bids climb as I grow and change into someone I don't even know. According to these pages my name is Marie, but no one else seems to know or care about that. To them I'm 'slut' and 'whore', but don't they even realize, even notice that the only ones enjoying this is them? So far I've gone through 3 men, and for some reason they keep bidding even though they know I can injure them. 

Man #1: An inconsiderate and ignorant douche bag who held me and another girl captive to satisfy his needs. How we left him: His wife came home from vacation so he set one of us free and sent me back.

Man #2: A somewhat considerate human being, but more rough and abusive because he was a drunk. How I got out of that mess: One of his friends started using I scratched his eye and left a deep gouge. I was sent back immediately as a 'defective whore'.

Man #3: Completely horrible! He drugged my friend and almost turned me into someone I know I'm not. How I (almost) escaped: Once he slipped something into my water that made me puke at the smell, so I smashed the glass on his foot and almost escaped his house.   

The current man isn't usually abusive or rough, he keeps me in a room with my own clothes and private bathroom. I thought he was okay and a lot better, but that's only when he's smoking some sort of cigarette. I was almost ready to jump out of my window when I found out what kind of man he really is, but he caught me and dragged me back. I've managed to keep writing by hiding this under my bed. The hope I once had is slipping away, and I don't know how to catch it.

                                                                                               Till the end,


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