Counting away the hours

A young girl is kidnapped at the age of 10 and goes through traumatizing experiences. With only her diary to keep her company, she counts away the hours until her parents will come to rescue her. They are coming, aren't they? This story about a brave young girl will make you cry with her, and will leave you wanting to read more


2. Diary Entry 1

Dear Diary, 

It's been a while since the man brought me here. I talked to some of the older girls and asked them if the nice man had let them bring anything too. They all seemed very sad and scared, but I don't know why. How could anyone be afraid of the nice man? I mean, he was a little scary at first, but he is so caring that I don't think he could hurt anybody. I went up to one of the calm big girls and asked her if the man had come to her house too. She shook her head and started crying. I wonder what could be going on here? All the big girls seem so scared and nervous around him; one of my older friends even punched him! I went over to the girls my age and told them about it and they agree with me. Why was everyone so mean and scared of the nice man? What was the man keeping from us that only the bigger girls seemed to know about? The only thing we can all agree on is that we hope that we will be able to see our mommy's and daddy's again soon. I am even thinking about asking the man if I can send another letter to Mommy or Daddy! I think that would be very kind of him if he said yes. Don't you think? 


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