Counting away the hours

A young girl is kidnapped at the age of 10 and goes through traumatizing experiences. With only her diary to keep her company, she counts away the hours until her parents will come to rescue her. They are coming, aren't they? This story about a brave young girl will make you cry with her, and will leave you wanting to read more


1. Dear Mommy

 Dear Mommy,

I hope that you find this letter soon. This scary man told me to write that I might not get to see you again for a while. He said that where I will be going with him there will be a bunch of other girls I can be friends with. He is letting me bring my diary so I can write on the way there. The scary man is actually very nice. He held my hand and he told me that I was very pretty for my age. I think that he is maybe taking me to a different school from how nice he is. He wears glasses like my teacher in school, and he wears a sweater. When he came to the door, I thought he was daddy at first, but then he asked if you were home. I said you weren't, and he smiled. That's how he got in here with me and stuff. I gotta stop writing now because he says that we have to get going before the mean people who don't like him come here. I love you mommy, and I will see you at home again someday.

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