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  • Published: 4 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 4 Oct 2014
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Logan is all alone in his house when he hears a sound.

*Short story*
**This was an school assessment**


1. Noises

Hello this is just a short story I wrote for school.



“Oh Ryder I’m so happy I’m in a relationship with you instead of that filthy peasant I used to call my best friend. What was his name again, Lockie? Luke? Who cares I’m with you now” Alexis, my beautiful best friend with gold flowing hair and stunning blue eyes said bitterly whilst stroking Ryder’s biceps. Then all of a sudden they morphed into one person, that person then turned into a giant man-eating plant, it was starting to turn again, this time it turned into a 10 foot Justin Bieber. I screamed a scream of terror, no sound came out of my mouth and instead it came out of his. Why is this happening?





 I suddenly jerked forward, gasping for air, the sweat dripped down my forehead like a runner after a marathon. I flop back down onto my bed “God that was horrendous” I said to myself. I was slowly falling asleep when suddenly I jolted awake when I heard my alarm go off “HELLO TODAY IS THE 5/1/2014 IT’S 7.00am THE MAXIMUM TEMPERATURE OF TODAY 45°C, BOY THIS IS THE HOTTEST DAY IN SYDNEY THIS YEAR!” I reached down and unplug the box of hell. I run my fingers through my messy blond hair and grabbed my phone checking my messages.

I quiff my hair as I’m making my vegemite toast, the pop of the toaster made me jump like a scared cat, after spreading the black substance on to my sightly burnt toast Mum came running into the kitchen grabs my toast and says “Thanks for making me breakfast Logan, I’m running late for work… Bye love.” she slams the door and drives away. I make more toast and gobble down as if my life depended on it. Whilst I was washing up my plate and knife, I heard a noise.


It came from the backyard. I panic and hide behind the kitchen counter and grabbed a knife. “Come on Logan your 17 it’s probably a kangaroo or a cat, just get up and look.” I put my knife somewhere I could access it later and began walking to the back door when I heard loud banging coming from my bedroom window. I try not to scream but I can’t, I let of a squeal and freak out.  I run back to the kitchen and hide underneath the sink. I heard the back door slide open; I must have left it unlocked. Omg, I’m about to be hacked into pieces by Justin Bieber, this is the end.


I suddenly hear yelling it’s hard to make out what Justin is saying but it sort of sounded like… I bolt out of the cupboard, into my room where she stood bedazzled holding a green an orange water gun. She dropped the gun when I tackled her making her scream. I started to tickle her but she escaped my grip, running after her I found myself at my crystal clear pool I cleaned it yesterday so it better be cleaned I got lost in my thought so I didn’t notice Alexis sneaking up behind me.




Hoped you like it.

Love Hemmo <3 

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