"This gate can't keep us apart!" I yelled, tears streaming down my face as I clench onto Michael's hand.

"I know it can't, Blue. But the Chargers can. If they catch us, they'll kill you. I can't have you getting hurt because of me."

"Don't leave me. You are the only person that makes me happy. Don't let those stupid Chargers get in the way of us." I begged. Michael grabbed my hand and took it off his arm.

"I'm sorry, Blue." Michael said. And just like that, my life was over.

Imagine a world split in half because of World War III. The Testics and the Grants. The only thing keeping the both sides colliding is a fence. A big one that stretches all around the world. Chargers, the people who rule the split world, keep a careful eye on the Fence. Now imagine falling in love with a Testic. Imagine being so in love youd risk your own life to be with that Testic.

Well, this is the life I live. I'm Blue Jenson... And this is mine and Michael Clifford's split love story


1. The Day

My eyes flutter open to the sound of snores. Right in front of my face was Jay, my younger sister. Her mouth was slightly ajar and hair was blinding her face. When her chest rised, she let out a loud snore.

"Jay! Get up!" I said, shaking her a little bit. My eyes catch a glimpse of the children playing hop scotch outside. They don't know what today is. Today, all the 9 year olds get their chips. More so tracking devices. When I was 9, I was too ill to get mine so, now that I'm 18, I have to get two.

Every 9 years, chips are injected inside of a Grant so the Chargers know where and what we're doing. It's stupid but it's a must. Jay rolled over with a grunt.

"Not now, Blue." Yes, my name is Blue. Strange name, strange parents. My mother named me Blue and my sister Jay. Bluejay. Like I said, strange parents

I smirked slightly at my new thought of waking Jay up. Slowly, I lift her in my arms and carry her over to the small kitchen. Our hut was not exactly big. Nor was any other Grant's house. I sit her at the table. I go over to the stove, take out a bag of sunflower seeds, and start cooking them.

"What's that smell?" Got her! Jay comes trudging into the kitchen, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Grant's don't have much food. We hunt animals, gather vegetables from the garden, or buy food from the Chargers. Buying from the Chargers is extremely expensive. Might as well buy 4 huts if you're buying from the Chargers.

My family gathers vegetables from the garden. If the plants are out of season or winter rolls along, we buy from the hunters at the market. Jay loves sunflower seeds more than anything. She says they are always on season and that they taste better that Heaven would.

"Sunflower seeds. I just don't have anyone to eat them with." I tease. Her eyes widen and a smile appears on her face. I knew I could get her up.

"I can eat them with you!"

"You're gonna have to get dress first. Today's the day." Her smile washed away quickly. Jay has never wanted to get a chip. She says that humans are not animals and shouldn't have tracking devices. I agree, but Chargers do what they want to do.

"I'm not an animal." She mumbled, crossing her small arms. I turn off the stove and kneel in front of her. Jay's bright green eyes were glossy with tears. How could people do this to poor children? I take a loose stand of her blond hair and put it behind her ear

"Oh, Bluejay. My sweet Bluejay." I whispered. A tear slipped down her cheek. Quickly, I wipe it away with my thumb.

"I know you don't want to do this and I wish you didn't. But if you don't the Chargers will take you away from me and I can't have that happening. I love you too much for that to happen, Jay." I tell her, wiping another tear from her face. Jay has always been the caring one in this family. I was the one is charge, strangely. Mother couldn't care less about her children.

"Okay." She choked. Oh, Jay. I tell her to go get dressed and she runs toward her room. When she comes back, she is in a plaid, red skirt and a button up white blouse. She had knee socks with black dress shoes. The only flaw in her outfit was her bed head.

"C'mere, Bluejay." I say, walking over to the living room with a plate of sunflower seeds. I tell her to sit on the floor and eat them while I do her hair. Jay turned on the old radio, the only source of entertainment in the living room.

"And here is a short announcement from the top Chargers, Tobias Emborski." The radio man, Clem Notching, said. My heart clenched at the name of the Charger. Tobias was a chubby old man with a grey combover. Top Charger Tobias was. He made all of the laws and decided punishments, which always led to execution.

"Hello, Grants. Today is the day! It's been 9 years! Please bring all your children to Town Center by noon. Chargers will be going to everyone's house to make sure everyone is participating. The only exception is if a loved one is too ill and is on the verge of death. Everyone else must attend the Chip Inserting. Have a nice day."

I braided Jay's long blond hair like my father used to. He's start the braids on the sides of my head and make his way toward the middle, joining the two braids together. He was killed by a Charger only 4 years ago. Caught jumping the fence. I shake my head to rid the memory.

"Blue?" Jay's sweet voice said. I hum in response.

"What do they have to do to put the chip in?" I tie the braid together with a hair tie.

"It's just a little needle into your collar bone, Jay. It'll only hurt for a second or two. Then we have to stand in a line to get our finger prints. Just a prick of the finger." I say softly, trying to make it as harmless as possible. I watch as Jay's arm erupts in goosebumps.

"Okay." She said with no emotion. I knew she wouldn't want to know that. I tell her to wake up Mother and she goes bolting toward her room. I change into a grey dress with a white Peter Pan collar. It was a dress Mother gave me for my father's funeral. Speaking of the Mother, she comes in with a long navy blue skirt and collared white shirt.

"Morning, Blue." She said with a big smile. I return the favor with a fake one. I brush my hair and put it in a bun before we left.

"C'mon, Mother! It's almost noon!" Jay said, tugging at her arm towards the door. Mother is ill. Not health wise. Mentally. She tends to forget things a lot and sleep longer than any of us. I've her to see a doctor but she's always refused.

The walk to Town Center was long and hot. The sun beat down on us with no mercy. Jay made the walk better with her beautiful singing voice.

"Just one more step till victory dear ole family. We'll be there before you know it. Oh can't you see it. Just one more step till victory." She would sing. Even the other families walking would join in on her musical.

I looked over at the Fence, the only thing splitting the world in half. The Testics are strong at us. Different color hair, tattoos, peircings, black. Testics were so much different from Grants.

Though, one boy caught my eye. He had red hair, an eyebrow peircing, and a few tattoos on his arms. He was staring at me with so much wonder. I wondered as well as I stared back. But when he was pulled away by a girl with lilac hair, I turned to look in front of me.

Before we knew it, we were at Town Center. People were piling into the building like ants. Inside Town Center was a gigantic room with stain glass windows and marble floor. Around the room were tables with ages. 9-90. I look down at Jay who was staring in aw.

"Okay, Jay. I'm going to need you to stand in the line with other children your age. When you finish, stand in the line next to it to get your finger prints done." I say to her. She nodded. We all go our separate way. Mother towards the 30s, me towards 18, and Jay towards 9.

My mind kept wondering towards the Testic with red hair. Obviously dyed but strangely cute. Why was he staring at me and no one else. Others were crying. Why not stare at them? 'It doesn't matter.' I tell myself. Why was this itching me so bad. That boy was quite cute, though. No! He's a Testic!

After about 30 minutes, it was my turn. A Charger with a mask covering his entire face asked for my name.

"Blue Jenson." He looked up at me.

"Blue? As in the color?" He had a very strong British accent. I nodded slowly.

"Strange name."

"Strange parents." He searched for my name on his stack of papers. Once he found it, the Charger with the needle stepped up to me and stabbed the needle into my collar bone. Man, did it hurt! I held back my screech as best as I could.

"Another one, Jonathan. She missed it last time." Another stab to the collar bone

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