"This gate can't keep us apart!" I yelled, tears streaming down my face as I clench onto Michael's hand.

"I know it can't, Blue. But the Chargers can. If they catch us, they'll kill you. I can't have you getting hurt because of me."

"Don't leave me. You are the only person that makes me happy. Don't let those stupid Chargers get in the way of us." I begged. Michael grabbed my hand and took it off his arm.

"I'm sorry, Blue." Michael said. And just like that, my life was over.

Imagine a world split in half because of World War III. The Testics and the Grants. The only thing keeping the both sides colliding is a fence. A big one that stretches all around the world. Chargers, the people who rule the split world, keep a careful eye on the Fence. Now imagine falling in love with a Testic. Imagine being so in love youd risk your own life to be with that Testic.

Well, this is the life I live. I'm Blue Jenson... And this is mine and Michael Clifford's split love story

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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