That one brown wolf

Sora Tala Harvey, a wolf in the Sacache pack. She was a strong girl, but something haunted her. How could she deal with having a normal teenage life, when she had to protect her family, tribe and pack from a group of 'Cold Ones' otherwise known as vampires? And would she ever imprint on someone?


3. The pack meeting

Caleb's house was filled with a 'pack' of teenagers. Three boys, two girls and one agender. We all were laughing, joking and over all mucking around.

The meetings were meant to be about when the patrols were, who was taking them, and the dangers we have to protect everyone from. Really though, we did that all during study period in school.

Samuel looked at me with a smile and I smiled back at him, he was my best friend after all. The messing around all continued until the youngest of our pack piped up with some important news.

"Oh yeah, um I was meant to say, I saw a cold one in the forest last night, they looked like they were following someone" Matthew, the youngest, said in a still seemingly joking matter. Everyone's, including me, faces turned to complete horror. Caleb looked as if he could kill someone.

"YOU WHAT?!" The alpha shouted. Yeah, Caleb can be mean.

"It's okay though, they had left by morning" Matthew assured. Caleb was still glaring daggers at him. If looks could kill, Matthew would defiantly be dead.

"But it means they are in the area, they know where the tribe is! We are in trouble Matthew! This isn't funny!" Caleb snapped. The last line was aimed at the only other girl in our pack.

Her name was Kaylee, she had long black hair with pale skin. She never had really fit in but she was an amazing fighter while in wolf form.

We all went silent as Caleb huffed in rage. Our silence was broken by a sudden knock on the door.

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