That one brown wolf

Sora Tala Harvey, a wolf in the Sacache pack. She was a strong girl, but something haunted her. How could she deal with having a normal teenage life, when she had to protect her family, tribe and pack from a group of 'Cold Ones' otherwise known as vampires? And would she ever imprint on someone?


2. Family is best

I opened my eyes and the room around me was bright. I blinked a couple times to get the sleep out of my eyes. I stood and stretched, letting my jacket fall to the ground. The air was cool and the smell of cooking wafted to my nose.

I walked into the kitchen and yawned. My mum was cooking breakfast and my sister, Penelope or Penny, was sitting with her homework at the dining table. I smiled and sat in the chair facing Penny. "Mornin' mum, Penny" I smiled and yawned again.

My mum turned around from the cooking and flashed me a smiled. "Morning Hun" she giggled. My mum was the perfect picture of a model, her hair was a soft sandy blonde and her blue eyes shone with love and care. Yet here she was in our family kitchen cooking breakfast.

Penelope looked up from her book and smiled the same smile mum had, at me. Penny was a mirror reflection of our mum. She had the blonde hair, the care filled blue eyes and for a twelve year old, she looked like a model. She looked back at her book and continued to work.

My dad sauntered into the kitchen, he gave my mum a kiss on the cheek and ruffled Penny's hair before smiling at me. His chestnut hair was mused and messy with sleep and his brown eyes were still dazed. "Morning guys, so Sora how was last night's patrol?" He asked, his voice still rough with sleep.

"It was good, the scenery of my post was beautiful" I giggled. I got all my genetics from my dad's side of the family. My hair, my eyes and my ability to transform.

Mum set the breakfast out and we all tucked in. Dad and I ate like animals as mum said. We always ate fast, I guess it was the wolf in us. Mum and Penny ate slowly and carefully.

I finished and sat back in my chair with a sigh. "Thanks mum, oh and don't make me dinner tonight, I'm going to a pack meeting and we're all getting dinner out tonight" I smiled. I ran a hand through my tatty hair and stretched again.

My mum nodded. "That's alright, you guys have fun okay?" She laughed. Her laughter was musical. I smiled at my family and laughed quietly.

I stood, pushed my chair in and placed my plate into the sink. I ruffled Penny's hair and have both my parents a kiss on the cheek before running upstairs to pack a small back pack. I rummaged through my drawer and finally got the bag packed.

I looked around my room, it was baby blue with small hints of pink from where the paint was peeling. I had my bed, my wardrobe, chest of drawers and a picture on top of it.

The picture was of Samuel and I. Samuel was my best friend, he was our packs Beta, or second in command. He was always sweet but he was a quiet mysterious boy. I flung the purple backpack over my shoulder and stood. I was around seven in the photo and Samuel was eight. My hair was long and straight, I had a red dress with white spots on, I was also wearing a red hair band. Samuel was wearing a black suit with red tie and white button up shirt. I smiled at the memory, it had been his parents wedding night.

I ran a hand through my messy hair again and sighed before standing and walking to Caleb's house, our pack meeting place.

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