Brutal Love

People say love is supposed to be special, magical even. When I was a little girl I expected to wake up one morning and my knight in shining armour would be stood outside my window however what fairytales don't prepare you for is the actually stone cold world. It only took me a second to realise how much of a tale those stories were and ever since that second I have been trapped in my own personal hell.

Kaitlyn was 14 years old when her parents died in a plane crash and she was shipped off to adoptive parents that couldn't care less about her. She was completely broken until Aaron came along, he promised he would fix her but everyone knows good things don't last forever...

At 17 years old she's more damaged than ever, she can feel any hope she once had rapidly fading away but not all is lost. What happens when the perfect and most unexpected guy appears out of the blue? Will it be the happily ever after she deserves or is he not as perfect as he seems?


11. Chapter 9

I groaned as I sat down at the desk in my room. Ever since Saturday I haven't been able to get the image of Brandon out of my mind and quite frankly, it's annoying the hell out of me. I'm not that sort of girl and I don't want to turn into one either.

Plus if Aaron found out that my mind was with some other guy he'd go mental. Even if the guy is admired by thousands of people worldwide, if I'm one of those people he wouldn't hesitate to throw a few punches.

I roughly pushed my hands through my hair. Aaron is back tomorrow. I don't know what I'm more afraid of; seeing him after our fight on Wednesday or seeing what the gang have turn him into over the past few days. Neither one sounded too appealing to me.

My phone beeped:

Hey I heard you have another math booklet? I know it's probably not the best idea but I could come round one night and help you? I've noticed Aaron hasn't been at school. You could even come to mine if you want? x

I smiled. He's always so considerate.

I quickly typed a reply:

I was given the higher paper for a reassessment and I would appreciate your help but you're right about it being a problem... it might be easier if I go round yours. You don't mind, do you? x


Of course not! Message me when's best :) x

I will! Thank you con x

I looked up as I heard the doorbell ring. A puzzles look crossed my face. we don't usually get unexpected visitors. Not unless it's an emergency...

"Kait, could you get the door please?" Brett's shout came from the direction of the bathroom.

I rolled my eyes and headed towards the stairs, "Fiiiiiine."

I yanked the door open but I completely stopped moving as I saw who had appeared.

"What are you doing here?"

"That's a lovely way to welcome your parents home." Mum and dad were stood outside our home with a suitcase each.

"You're not suppose to be back." I said, slightly harsher than I intended to.

"Excuse me young lady but you will treat us with respect." My dad snapped. I looked down at me feet in shame.

I heard Brett's feet on the stairs, "Who the hell is-" his voice disappeared immediately as he saw who had returned. His face hardened completely, "why are you here?"

"If you children haven't forgot I'm the one paying the bills in this house and we were living here before we dragged two charity cases in so I suggest you shout your mouth and come and take our bags." Dad was glaring at Brett.

"We're not your f*ucking servants. We're your children." Brett hardly ever swears... Dad must really be getting under his skin.

This is normal in our house. It's me and Brett versus mom and dad, it always has been. We may be legally their children but to them we're nothing more than needy orphans.

I jumped as dad raised his voice.

"I suggest you two come and collect out bags or I'll be throwing you both back out on the street, you spoilt brats."

I stumbled slightly as Brett came barging past me, roughly grabbing dad's bag. As he pulled it, the wheel ran over his toe.

"You bastard." Dad growled as he advanced towards him.

"Jerry, leave him." mum placed a hand on his shoulder but it was soon retracted as dad's hand smashed against the side of her face. She whimpered.

"Don't tell me what to do Sheila. How many times do I have to tell you." He stormed past me and up the stairs. I turned my attention to mum and my eyes softened.

"Mum, are you alright?" I shuffled closer to her but she just moved away.

"Don't touch me Katherine."

My jaw dropped slightly. She had actually forgotten my name, "My name's Kaitlyn..."

"Don't act smart with my girl." She was trying to act strong and menacing but I could see in her eyes she is just as broken as I am.

"I'm not t-"

"Take my bag. I have phone calls to make." with that, she left the room. I sighed before effortlessly tugging on the bag.

I prefer it much more when they're on the other side of the world.

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