Brutal Love

People say love is supposed to be special, magical even. When I was a little girl I expected to wake up one morning and my knight in shining armour would be stood outside my window however what fairytales don't prepare you for is the actually stone cold world. It only took me a second to realise how much of a tale those stories were and ever since that second I have been trapped in my own personal hell.

Kaitlyn was 14 years old when her parents died in a plane crash and she was shipped off to adoptive parents that couldn't care less about her. She was completely broken until Aaron came along, he promised he would fix her but everyone knows good things don't last forever...

At 17 years old she's more damaged than ever, she can feel any hope she once had rapidly fading away but not all is lost. What happens when the perfect and most unexpected guy appears out of the blue? Will it be the happily ever after she deserves or is he not as perfect as he seems?


7. Chapter 5

The cafeteria was filled with shouts as me, Jess, Alexia and El sat down. As per usual you had the stereotypical table layout.

There's the sluts in the middle so they can display themselves to everyone who is trying to eat there lunch peacefully.

Then the jocks are dotted around, so they can perv on whichever plastic they think will have a 'quickie' with them in the janitor's closet.

Then there's everyone else who is trying not to puke up their food but struggle since their eye line is probably blocked by the voluntary prostitutes.

The sights we have to put up with... I swear you could mistake each and every one of them for a freakin traffic cone.

"Hey guys." Conner sat on the seat opposite me.

"Hi Conner." I smiled towards him.

"You remembered my name? To be honest I didn't think you were paying attention." He laughed softly.

"Of course I did. I always pay attention." I grinned.

"No matter how sly you are you will never be sly enough for Kaitlyn Harrington." Jess' tone was quite informative, I thought she was joking.

"Harrington? I thought you were the Lawrence's daughter?" Connor frowned in confusion.

Jess shot me a sorrowful look, she knows I don't like explaining this story but I guess I'm use to telling it.

"No, well- I am but they're not my blood parents. I was adopted by them when I was fourteen." this caused Connor to go silent for a few seconds.

"I'm sorry Kaitlyn, I shouldn't have asked. That must be hard."

"It was at first but it's all in the past now." I gave him a reassuring glance but the crack in my voice betrayed me. It may be in the past but it still haunts me.

"How did you know who my adoptive parents were anyway?" I was curious, he hardly knew me.

"Who doesn't? I mean they own one of the biggest worldwide companies. I've heard almost everyone talk about you in some way."

"Really? Ugh, I don't even what to know what you've heard. It's all ass talk to be honest." It wasn't a secret that my parents were a huge success but I didn't care. They don't have time for me so why should I bother with then?

"You're so optimistic." his tone was sarcastic.

"That's me!" I sounded way too cheesy and enthusiastic when I said that.

My hands instantly covered my ears as Jess screamed in excitement. She started wriggling around on her chair.

"She's got them! She's got them!" Her grin was wider than the fricken banana Alexia was eating.

"Got what?" El asked as I tried to compose myself from the shock.

"Tickets to see Addicted To You."

Addicted To You is Jess' favourite band, they're pretty good actually, she made me download their album on my phone when she had to share earphones with me on the way to visit her grandparents in Oklahoma last year.

"Kaity you have to come with me!" She looked like a child on Christmas morning.

"When is it?"

"This saturday."

"Fricken hell they like to sell their tickets last minute don't they?" Alexia butted in.

"My mom was getting them off a friend. Her daughter was caught screwing her boyfriend on the kitchen table... What makes it's worse is they're Mormons. Obviously her mom wasn't the happiest when she walked in on them which resulted in me getting the tickets. They just couldn't resist the sexy times," she wiggled her eyebrows, "Thank you Jesus for sex addicted Mormons!"

The whole table burst into hysterics at her last statement. Jess was definitely one of a kind.

"Anyway you still didn't answer my question. Will you come?" she looked back over at me.

"I don't know... I have a math paper due in on Monday and I'm really struggling. I've already had an extension and I really can't be doing with a detention."

"I can help you with it?" Connor imputed.

"Are you sure?" I raised an eyebrow, "My lack of brains may drive you to the edge."

"Believe me I can handle it." He smiled.

"Don't say I didn't warn you."

He laughed softly, "So when's best for you?"

"Tonight probably. We can order take away or something. Food is the answer to every math problem."

"You're logic makes no sense." El stated.

"My logic never makes sense."

"I can already tell tonight will be a pretty interesting tutoring session." He tapped his fingers on the table.

"Ha, that's if you last the night."

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