In this story Justin is just a normal, good looking, guy. Kiara is Justin's best friend who is jealous of his on and off relationship with her other best friend, Selena.
In this story, there is a lot of twist and dirty little secrets, but the real question is, who's going to reveal their secret or secrets first?


1. Left Out

Kiara's P.O.V.

Today me and my two best friend's, Justin and Selena, are all hanging at Selena's house.

I wish I could live with them, rather than stay home with my mother, but that's the only thing I would never talk about with them. I'm just not ready for the conversation, that's why they never were allowed over.
                                                                         Justin's P.O.V.
    I'm on my way to see my two favorite girls, Kiara and Selena at Selena's  house, I think their the only people I truly love, other than my mom. I can't say the same for my dad, though, he's never home, he's always out doing something, he always has a new hooker everyday, too. I'm tired of getting new mom's each year. To be honest Kiara understands me more than Selena but I like Selena too.
    It was 10:30 when I arrived to Selena's and I was shocked to see that, for the first time, I got there before Kiara. She usually is the first one, I wonder what happened to her. Anyway, Selena's mother let me in and I ran up to Selena's room, when I opened the door, Selena was laying on her bed wearing next to nothing.
     She jumped up and tried to cover up with a blanket, I just laughed.
Me: hey
Selena: I see people dont like to knock these days
Me: sorry
Selena: it's alright, Kiara didn't come with you?
Me: nope. She probably forgot
Selena: she doesn't forget anything
Me: true
Selena: why dont u text her, my phone's acting up
Me: ok
    I texted Kiara and she answered immediately, just saying ''none of your business'' which she never ever, has said to me or Selena once. I asked her if she was coming and she said no which is even more unlikely for her. She loved hanging out with me and Selena and any chance she got to, she would do it. I asked her why, and she didn't reply I started to get curious.
                                                                      Selena's P.O.V.
    Justin always was more protective over Kiara and I never knew why, I mean, I get they knew each other longer, but we're all suppose to be a click, it just sucks. Justin was texting her and I could tell he was getting worried, so I decided to try and take his mind off of things.

Me: why dont we watch a movie
Justin: what movie? (He didn't even look up from his phone.) 
Me: Megamind....
Justin: oh my.. (Justin laughed a little, we all loved that movie because of the guys giant head)
Me: Justin, just put down your phone please, I'm sure she's fine. She's probably grounded, come on, watch Megamind with me.

Justin: yea, maybe your right she can't hide forever anyway.

We sat and watched the movie, moments later, Justin was on top of me and we were having a passionate make out session. Right after Justin took my shirt off, Kiara walked in, then she walked straight out.
                                                            Justin's P.O.V.
    I ran after Kiara fearing she was mad at me after all, I did tell her I had feelings for her last night threw Kik, but she didn't read it, and I was hoping she never did.

Me: Kiara! Kiara wait! Kiara!
    I screamed for her over and over but she didn't answer me, she ran straight to her car before I could grab her, but the thing I'm more worried about is why she had the glasses on. 
    I've always suspected something was going on between her and her stepdad, Mike, she never liked him and I could never figure it out, until one night...
Me: hey Kiara.
Kiara: hey Justin, come on in. I'll go fix us some snacks.
    Mike walks passed her, looking at her butt while she walks. I just stared at him like he was crazy.
Mike: what?
Me: nothing.
                                                             End of flashback
    Every time I think of that memory, I get curious, and Kiara isn't an open book. To get something out of her you'd have to bribe her, which isn't easy either. 
    I decided to just wait until school tomorrow because we have all our classes together and we sit close, and we're not aloud to move, so, she has to deal with me.
                                                            The Next Day
    I walked into my first period and Kiara wasn't there, I assumed she was going to be late because she's never absent, but I was wrong, ''she probably has a doctor's appointment,'' I thought.
    I pretended not to be worried when I found out that one of kiara's other friend's Sadè, was talking to her and Kiara said she wasn't coming to school. Now I just feel bad for misleading her, I was just vulnerable at that moment and needed comfort, I hope she understands that.

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