Social casualty.

Her life was nothing but a minority. People told her she would never make it to where she wanted to be. She was tired of wishing on the stars. But in reality she's just another victim of authority, she's a social causality.

Written for the characters of Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin. Along for Grace Adams.


8. This is where I wanna know.

Grace's POV |

I woke up that morning, refreshed and happy. Different from all the other mornings where I feel, helpless and damaged. I looked over at Michael, he knows about me now, the whole me, the person behind the mask. Michael caught me looking at him as he pulled my hair away from his face.


"MICHAEL CLIFFORD, I TOLD YOU TO NEVER LEAVE YOUR HAIR BRUSH IN MY BATHROOM, ITS LIKE YOU NEVER HAV-" his mother spoke rushing in to Michael's room as she stopped. And looks at me.

"It looks like I've never had the chance to meet this girl in your bed, Michael James" she spoke bitterly, "mum, she's a friend, she needed me and-" Michael muttered in defence. "I don't care, get out here now" she spoke anger clear in her voice, "I - I'm -uh - I never.." I spoke muttering. "Please, honey" she shook her head at me rolling her eyes as she shuts the door. I quickly pull on the clothes I had on from last night and packed all my stuff I had used to study. And waited.

Its been a couple of minutes now and I heard Michael raise his voice a couple of times to get his point across, I walked up to the door to hear what he was trying to say, we hadn't done anything besides sleep, why was his mum so mad? Did it look bad from her point? Well of course it would she just walked in on her son with a girl in his bed unaware of what could of happened in there. But if she knew Michael like the son she loved him for, which of course she does, she'll see that it wasn't like the way it was.

"But she needed me and I helped her-" Michael stressed out in defence but was interrupted.

"I don't care Michael Clifford..." His mother paused


Michael's POV |


Played over and over in my head, imprinted I could almost see the words written on the blue pastel walls. The look in my mothers eyes scared me, she never really spoke to me like this before, only once when she found out I skipped school for a week for band practice.

All of a sudden my bedroom fort swung wide open to see the girl I had the most feelings for have tears down her cheeks which weren't red as they were before, they were pale.

"Tell me everything!" She Bitterly whispered as she looked at my mum, "I'm so sorry, it didn't look what it seemed, Michael offered to help me study and we watched a movie it got late and we both fell asleep on his bed, next time..." She looked at me, when I gasped, "next time, I will sleep on the floor or on the couch downstairs" Grace was now calming down but the pale wasn't washing away in her face. "Honey, thank you for your apologiey. Your welcome here anytime, it just caught me off guard and I hope you know that after Michael explains this to you that you try and stay well clear away from Michael!" My mum spoke as I looked at her facial expression go from confident to disappointment. I was just as upset as she was, she was mad at me, for probably leading her on, she probably thinks I'm some asshole now, by which I am. Luke was right I should of told her that I was too old for her, but that would have sounded weird coming from a guy in the same year level as her.

"Okay..." I said walking over to the bed as she wipes her eyes and sits next to me, all I wanted to do was cuddle her and tell her it's fine, when clearly it's not. She's going to take this to heart but if I want this to work out I can't build it on lies.

"I'm going to tell you everything, Grace. I swear, I don't want to hurt you" I said fiddling with my flannel short I wore to bed as I held on to her shaky hand by which she had pulled away.

"I left school in year 10 cause me and a couple of guys started a band, we all dropped out, we thought we would make it big with our first song. But me and my band being the smart people we were we didn't expect to get rejected by so many people from our close friends to family members sometimes."

I paused, she still looked at me, her hands shaking.

"We thought 'hey let's use the next year to make more music' so we did and it ended up being a 3 year thing and the guys and my parents decided we need to go back to school, cause to them it looked like we had nothing to lean back on so we did, we are still in the band now, writing more music then ever." I said winking at her, but she just rolled her eyes and looked at me.

"How old are you?" Grace whispered slowly titling her head to look at me.

"20" I said sighing,

"And I'm 17" she smiled lightly,

"But in a few months I'm not going to be a minor anymore" she smirked at me.

"Yeah, that's true, but I still have to be careful, you never know who could be around or watching have the people I hang out with or know, know that I'm not a minor" I said.

She pulled me in for a hug, "Michael I still want to get to know you, but I wish you told me sooner" she said looking down. "I know but you wouldn't want to know me if you knew."

I felt something fall on my leg, it was her she was crying. "What's wrong?" I say worriedly as I held her close, "this is not what I wanted, I don't need this" Grace gets up and walks around the room. "What do you mean?" I wasn't sure, "I've come from a life where...." She stopped and looked at me, "never mind" she grabbed her stuff,

"Come with me," I say, I'm taking her somewhere it's just me and her, she was still Shaken up from my mum and this whole situation.

"What?" She questioned now standing still, "let's go" I say pulling her with me down the stairs. "Michael!" She mumbled but I heard her. She graves my arm while we just reached the front door,

"I'm sick and tired of wishing on the stars.." She speaks softly.

"Michael? Where are you going?" My mum says from the kitchen, "I'm going out with Grace" I say pulling Grace out the door softly and walking towards my car,

"Where are we going?" Grace says as she lugs her bag into the car,

"We're leaving town for the day!" I say confident in this is the right thing to do.

"I can't, it's - just" she mumbles

"You can, with me, just me and you!" I say holding her hand and kissing her forehead.

She nods, smirking at me.

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