Social casualty.

Her life was nothing but a minority. People told her she would never make it to where she wanted to be. She was tired of wishing on the stars. But in reality she's just another victim of authority, she's a social causality.

Written for the characters of Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin. Along for Grace Adams.


13. things are different

Michael POV |

I woke up to hands up along resting against my chest the light feeling of breathing was blowing along my neck as I pushed Graces hair back, kissing her forehead.

She stirred as I fiddled with the end strands of her hair. I felt bad for what happened yesterday and I wanted to apologise for it.

I moved her to my side as I cuddled her to me, nuzzling my head into the crook of her neck as she giggles. After a few Minutes I moved my hands to her cheeks as i looked at grace smiling as I put my forehead to hers. Our noses bumping when ever we breathed.

I was close to bumping her lightly to wake her, but she bet me to it. "Michael" she mumbled. "Mmhmm" I said waiting for her.

"I'm sorry" Grace said hurt appearing in her face. I wouldn't let her apologise for anything. She did nothing besides try and get me to see the right in the situation when all I cared about was what my band mates thought of me. "No, you did nothing wrong besides try and tell me the truth and I walked all over you. I cared more about what my band thought of me than your feelings and I can't believe I was such an asshole of a boyfriend to ever do that to you." I stopped as I kissed her on the lips and continuing my apology. "And I can't believe I was stupid to let the one I love walk out on me. I love you so much and it hurts knowing I hurt you" I pulled some of her hair away from her eyes as she looked at me contently. "I'm so sorry, I don't ever expect you to forgive me" I said tears starting to form in my eyes, I didn't want Grace to see them though so I tried to restrain myself like I do when I can't stop kissing Grace

She looked at me her eyes red and puffy. "I will always forgive you, I love you so much." Grace said wrapping her arms around my neck. I hugged her back, more of a cuddle and lied like that for a couple of hours until she got sleepy from crying. I got up to get food, it was quarter to 2 and the guys went out the whole day cause Brittney wanted to take the boys out to the city to meet her friends form interstate which Luke and the boys didn't want to do. Cause they always ended up talking about what's new on foxtel or shopping.

Luke came to me after dinner, well more like I sat there worried. He told me that he and Brit had an argument right after when Grace had walked out. He told me she felt 'left out' and that the drama wasn't about her and Luke.

Luke couldn't handle how close she wanted him. He told me Brit always felt a sense of jealousy about me and graces relationship cause it involved a lot of drama and decline of how close we could get.

I told him that we really hate all the drama and wish we could just be together. He sighed and said the exact same thing but Brit wants it all and wants her relationship with drama and love. I'm glad that Grace doesn't want things like that, her and I both understand that all we want is away from all the drama and it seems by bringing her here I've just caused more.

I walked back to my room to see Grace up and dressed just like me. She smiled and walked over to me wrapping her arms around my neck while I wrapped my around her waist. Her face was sweet and content but I always had a sense of guilt in me for doing what I did to her and she knew it but let it go cause she never wanted to start anything between us again.

"I'm so sorry, I love you so much" I said putting my forehead to hers. She sighed and smiled kissing me lightly. "Baby, it's ok, I love you so much" she replied leading me down stairs as the rest of the guys and Brit came home. They all looked torn and bored and ran straight over to me hugging me. "We missed you" Calum and Luke said trying to jump on my back while Ashton just rolled his eyes and walked over to Grace as she sat on the couch flicking through the TV channels.

I heard faint mumbles from Grace and Ashton as Brit went over to sit down. I questioned wether Brit actually liked Grace cause they never really talked, Brit never actually have her the time of day. We all sat down on the couch me and Grace a good distance between us as we talked about playing video games.

"LETS PLAY FIFA!" Luke and Calum yelled high fiveing each other as Brit giggles and rolls her eyes at her boyfriend. Grace smiles and looks over at Brit as she goes and sits on the other couch next to her winking at me.

Grace really wanted to make an effort to get to know Brit as she didn't think they got off on the right foot. They started talking awkwardly then Brit laughed and Grace smiled. They finally hit it off. I could tell that Brit and Grace both needed girl time since they both have been around Guys for the past week.

We all laughed and played FIFA, as the girls started talking. Grace got a bit tired and finished off their conversation and came and sat by me. She sat herself on the floor beside the couch I was lying on. "God dammit, Luke pass the ball" O shouted as Grace laughed and nudged me to sit up. I sat up as she sat down on my lap nuzzling my neck as I extended my legs out, to put hers on top. I moved her to my side so I could see the TV screen better and cuddled Grace into me and she sighed and smiled.

It had been 1 hour and I had won 3 games and Luke won 4 so I was getting frustrated from Luke and Calum wining. Ashton was laughing at us and sitting next to Brit not sharing the same interest on FIFA as the rest of us. I felt a little nudge from Grace as she grabbed the Xbox controller and took over for me some enough winning the final game. Leaving it as a draw. Leaving everyone in shock that Grace had just shown Luke and Calum up during a game of FIFA. Ashton burst into a fit of laugher as did I and kissed Grace on the forehead as she smiled. "You really are amazing" I said as she blushed.


I really try an avoid doing notes, cause when I read story's I hate when their are chunks of writing about updating chapters, so I kind of just get on with the story. But I really appreciate when you read and like and favourite my story. It means so much to me. I love you so much for it. So if you haven't please favourite, like and comment cause it doesn't go unappreciated. I love hearing from you xx


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