Social casualty.

Her life was nothing but a minority. People told her she would never make it to where she wanted to be. She was tired of wishing on the stars. But in reality she's just another victim of authority, she's a social causality.

Written for the characters of Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin. Along for Grace Adams.


7. she's not perfect.

Grace's POV |

I walked out of the classroom, not thinking about what would happen if I went home. I thought about this study thing with Michael. I saw him on the way out of class but got distracted with Luke. I pulled myself over to the brick wall by the car park as I held onto my bag. Closing my eyes quickly as I wanted to drift away for a few seconds.

A few minutes later I felt someone staring at me, I opened my eyes looking to where Ashton stood staring at me, I was surprised as he was surrounded by girls going weak at the knees. He slowly walked towards me as he stepped closer to me. He stood close enough to inhale me as I leaned back trying to go back further into the brick wall. "Hey, I was trying to wait for you" Ashton said putting one of his hands on my waist. "Yeah well I'm not waiting for you" I said bitterly. "You should be, babe" he breathed getting closer to me. Breathing on my neck as I felt the heat rise to my neck. I tilted my head to the side as I held my breath. I was looking for someone anyone that would pull Ashton away from me as he held a tight grip. He leaned in more getting close to my ear as he whispered something into my ear. "This is what I want" he whispered. I closed my eyes as tears started to fall out.

"GET OFF OF HER!" Someone yelled as Ashton was pulled off of me. I looked over and saw Michael as he pushed ashton against the wall. "Don't ever touch her!" He threatened as Ashton tried to speak. "Mate, I was just having fun" he laughed "yeah well your fun, was hurting her" Michael breathed as he looked over to me. "Are you ok?" He said worriedly as he walked me over holding onto my waist as he pulled me along the brick path, at least 30 faces were watching as the arguement unfolded in the car park, I felt horrible, ashamed and embarrassed.

He walked me over to a white Toyota, "I'm fine, just... Fine" I said not wanting to show any emotion. After living with a father where if you show your emotions you would get teased and abused for being 'weak'. Michael helped me inside as he took the passenger seat. Shortly after his friend jumped in the drivers seat. We pulled out of the school car park just as quickly as we left skidding along the tar mack. I finally breathed, not realising I held my breath on for that long. "Are you ok?" The guy asked looking into the rear view mirror. "I'm good, uh thanks for the ride!" I said trying to start a bit of conversation. "No problem. I'm Luke, Michael's best friend" he smirked looking at Michael. "Grace" I breathed as he smiled and nodded towards Michael.

We finally pulled up to a lovely house filled with red carnations at the front yard. We got out saying our goodbyes to Luke as he drove off. "I love the flowers, your choice?" I said laughing. "I think there gorgeous, my mum loves carnations especially red, so my family and I planted them for her 40th birthday" he spoke proud. "That's beautiful" I said looking up at Michael's face. Wanting so badly to ran my hand through his hair to spike it up a bit.

I bit my lip, "stop doing that" Michael said smirking "doing what?" "Biting your lip, it's cute when you do that" Michael said walking up to the front door as I followed behind smirking.

We walked inside showing me around his lovely home, he called for his mum, but she didn't reply. "She must be at work" Michael said pulling me into the kitchen. He ruffled his red hair as he poked his tongue out at me.

"Let's go study, a And then we can take a break and maybe watch a movie?" Michael said grabbing 2 water bottles and a packet of sweet and sour chips. "Sure, I'd love that".

After 2 hours of studying, I finally understood the biology work I hadn't understood thanks to Michael. I helped him too, I just hoped he fully understood.

Michaels POV |

It was hard to study. I learned what I got wrong. It was the way Grace just bit her pencil when she was confused, the way she pulled on her sweater when she was lost. She was just so cute. We stopped studying since we studied for 2 hours. We decided to watch a movie, "what do you want to watch?" She asked fiddling with my blanket on my bed. "What about, Mean girls?" I said as I pulled out my movie bag, which in fact it wasn't mine, it was Luke's. "It's Luke's i swear!" I said trying to defend myself. "Hahaha it's ok, I like this movie" she said as I put the movie in and pressing play. We both sat on my bed, she leaned against my wall as i did the same, she sighed about 10 Mounties into the movie as she pulled the blanket on top of her. I pulled some blanket on top of me as she giggled, I felt awkward, but I put my arm over her shoulder cuddling her into my side, she leaned her head onto my chest as she watched the movie. She felt safe I could feel it when she laughs, the way she can feel comfortable with me, I knew her life was hard when she said she didn't want to go home.

When we studied we learned so much about each other, I told her about my father and how I never saw him much, but most importantly she told me about her life, about her mother and the way her father treats her. She was open to me, never letting go when I hugged her. She cried when she told me he mentally abused her, I never wanted to let her go.

I looked at the time realising it was 12:00pm. "Grace, do you want me to drive you home?" I said not wanting her to stop cuddling me, "It's late, I'll text my brother and told him I stayed at yours" she said as she woke up a bit, "that's fine" I screamed with joy in my head when he said she wanted to stay the night. I have her a pair of my trackies and a band t-shirt which was one of my favourites, but I thought it would look amazing on her.

I walked outside, giving her privacy. But shortly walking in after she I finished. I turned off the TV and the lights as I walked over to the bed an going under the covers and cuddling her small figure. "Goodnight" she mumbled "goodnight, beautiful" I whispered kissing her forehead.

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