Social casualty.

Her life was nothing but a minority. People told her she would never make it to where she wanted to be. She was tired of wishing on the stars. But in reality she's just another victim of authority, she's a social causality.

Written for the characters of Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin. Along for Grace Adams.


12. I think he's gonna tell.

Michael's POV|

I woke up that morning to banging on my door, well actually Graces bedroom door, I've never woken up with her and had a morning with her cause everyone had always found a way to disturb us.

"Grace get up, com'n were going to the beach, if you find Michael tell him to come down too!" Calum shouted through out the whole house, I finally rubbed my eyes and looked over at Grace who lied in my arms sleeping. I kissed her forehead as she stirred, "who's shouting?" Grace slurred as snuggled into my neck.

"It's Calum, baby, were going down to the beach, let's get ready" I said as I climbed out of bed. "Nooooooo" she whined. "We can go swimming together" I said "fine" she replied as she smiled and kissed me.

I pulled on my black wet shorts and sat on the bed on my phone.

Grace walked into the bathroom getting changed and walking out staring at me.

I've wanted to be more with Grace, she was beautiful her hair sat perfectly just like her personality. Her smile brightened up the room and made you want to do anything for her I wanted her, I needed her.

I walked up to her and put my arms around her waist and pulled her against my chest.

"I want you to be my girlfriend..." I said whispering in her ear.

"What?" She whispered, she was surprised. She was smiling as she looked at me to reassure her of what I said,

"I want you to be my girlfriend!" I said a bit louder this time.

She smiled as she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me.

I knew I wanted this, it was a big enough risk asking her out cause of her being a minor and all. But I really needed her and I don't think she realises how much I do.

"YES," she said hugging me and kissing me. I held her hand an out my finger over her mouth kissing her and leading he out of the bedroom and to the beach.

Grace |

I can't believe I'm Michael Clifford's girlfriend, it has been months and I can't believe it's actually happening,

My feelings for him have only gotten stronger for him and whenever I'm not around him it's hard to even think straight and when I'm with him all I want to do is kiss him but I've been restricted.

I held onto his hand tighter but he wriggles out just as we reach the bottom of the stairs. I frown as i look at him, he just looks at me an winks, he's frowning too. Just as Michael was about to hug me the backdoor swung open and Ashton and Calum ran in screaming. "Grace, how did you sleep?" Calum said pulling me in for a hug as he pulls me into the kitchen. Ashton was talking to Michael, seriously.

"I slept ok, how about you?" I said as Calum was distracted.

"Just fine.... So.... Are you excited for the beach?" Calum said as he kept looking into the living room where Ashton was talking with Michael.

"Yeah, what's going on?" I said as I looked at Calum watching them. "Uh nothing, how about.." Calum said pulling me in for a hug as I wriggle out and walk out towards Michael.

"What's going...." I said looking between Ashton and Michael as Michael was 2 paces away from Ashton. Ashton looked mad, angry and hurt.

Why would he look like that. He looked over towards me as he looks into my eyes.... " I know." Ashton said looking over at Michael and back to me as he walks off into the kitchen.

"What's going on Michael?" I said as he was running his hands through his hair, "He knows, Calum knows..." He stood up and through a pillow across the room. "What does he....."


I stood back tears in my eyes, I never though I wasn't a priority to him. I see how he feels but what he just did seriously made me wonder.

"WELL, I THOUGHT THIS IS WHAT YOU WANTED, THEY WOULD KEEP IT A SECRET I KNOW THEY WILL" I pleaded hoping at the slightest chance that he would change his mood and just hug me.

"For god sakes, Ashton wants you, he's going to tell. He's going to tell our manger and he'll make a complaint." Michael said, I walked over to him looking into his eyes.

"You seriously give a crap about what they want or what people say, yeah they may ask you why your dating some one 2 years younger, But hey who gives a crap" I said almost crying.

He didn't look at me, he kind of just drifted.

"Anyway people date younger people all the time, it's just that we got together at the wrong time" I said, he still didn't look at me. I started to cry I looked over and saw Calum and Ashton staring out from the kitchen.

I started to cry my sobbing becoming louder whenever he didn't look at me.

Soon enough Calum came behind me putting his hand on my back, whilst Luke and Brittney came running in.

"Guys the water is amazing and Luke and I kissed under the little rock thing and it had a beautiful waterfall!" Brittney said holding Luke's hand as she sees me crying. "What's got in to you?" She said giggling as she kissed Luke. I looked between Ashton to Calum to Michael as he looked down.

I actually was played, he said he's never hurt me yet here he is ashamed infront of his friends for dating me.

"You- you told-d me you'd never hurt-t me!" I sobbed looking at him.

"Grace, I never hurt you I just was caught off guard, please" Michael said as he started tearing up, he came towards me trying to grab my hands as I pull away.

"No" I said walking past Michael passing Brittney and Luke,

I walked out the back door which steeped off of the beach, I walked onto the soft sand as it calmed me down a bit. I walked near the water sort of losing site of the beach house a bit.

My bathing suit was wet and cold and I only had a towel to keep me warm cause I didn't want to go back to the house until late hoping everyone was asleep. I clenched the towel around my body as the sunset had fallen across the sea as I wiped away my tear stained face which started to irritate me. I held my phone in my hand as I got loads of messages from Michael and Calum the others left the occasional text but not like them.

I decided that I should call someone close to home so I called Jason.


"Hey, Jason." I said trying to sound the least bit normal.

"Hey, Grace. What's up sis?" He said, I could hear the TV in the background so I could tell he was home.

"Uh, I don't know" I said tearing up again as all the thoughts came to the top.

"What's wrong? Do you need me to pick you up?" He said panicking I could hear him shuffling around,

"No you don't need to pick me up, I just need someone to talk to!" I said hoping he had the time to listen to me.

"Sure I have time" he said as he relaxed a little.

I talked to him about Michael and how he was dating me the "minor" and how he wanted to keep me safe and our relationship and the girlfriend-boyfriend thing along with his friends finding out about me and him,

Jason thought it was pointless with all this drama and it was just a storm in a tea cup and how it's nothing. I just agreed since he's never really had much experience with drama. I told him I loved him and said goodbye telling him I'd hopefully be home sooner than I thought.

I decided it was time to walk back as it was quarter to 10pm. Is skipped lunch and dinner knowing I wasn't hungry or I had too much on my mind. I came upon the beach house only 1 light being on and the backdoor being locked. I cried a bit. I thought they would at least left the door unlocked for me. I decided to quickly text Calum to come and unlock the door and in a mater if minutes he did.

He was tired but he looked worried.

"Where have you been?" Calum said as he wrapped me in his arms. "Out, I didn't want to be near him at this point in time, i just needed to be, Grace for a couple of hours" I said but Calum didn't really get me.

He stared at me, hurt look in his face but not for himself, me. "Michael's been worried sick, he called your brother and your dad..." I stopped him, I can believe that he would call my brother but my dad. He knew how I felt about him and he just went and made it worse. "WAIT, he called my dad?" I said shocked.

"Yeah," I walked past Calum pushing past him as I forcefully walked up the stairs and slammed Michael's bedroom door open. I had tears now running down my face, he jumped up in his bed dazed as he had a worried look on his face as I shouted at him.

"Why did you call my dad? YOU KNOW HES OUT TO GET ME, HES PROBABLY TRYING TO FIND ME NOW TO MAKE MY LIFE HELL" I said he looked guilty and had hurt in his eyes as he tried to keep them open.

"You've just RISKED EVERYTHING" I said with a mixture of sobbing and anger. I couldn't hold my tears in anymore as Michael runs over to hold me in his arms, my head in the crook of his neck as his hair tickles me in my forehead. Jolts of excitement by the way he holds me as it's been a while since he has, he whispers "it's okay" at least every 20 seconds.

"I'm so sorry" Michael repeatedly said as he kisses my fore head pulling me further into his chest. I looked back and stared into his eyes as he stares at me waiting for me to say something. "It's o-okay" I mumbled as he kisses me on the cheek but close to my lips. I felt myself flutter as I tried to be serious.

He put his hands on the side of my face as he speaks. "I will always be beside you, I will never let anyone let anyone hurt you, not even.... Me" he said sighing as he stared at me. "I know you will never hurt me" I said as I smiled at him kissing him hard as I ran my fingers through the back of his hair. We pulled back breathless both sharing the same breath.

"I love you"

Michael whispered as he smiles at me,

"I love you too" I said as I smiled, he made me smile and made me want to hate him, I love him so much his personality makes me smile everyday.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him slow as I felt out lips mould together as he moaned, he grabbed the back of my thighs signalling me to jump. I did as e wrapped my legs around his waist as we walked towards the bed lying me down softly never breaking the kiss. He put himself on top of me as he brushed back away the hair from my face as he stares at me, his chest right up against mine as he smiles at me.

"I love you, Grace" Michael Said kissing me passionately as he rolls me on top of him.

"I love you so much, Michael" I said.

He meant so much too me, I didn't think he realised that he means more to me than anyone. I just wanted to kiss his jaw all day and run my hands down his chest.

I pushed myself against him anymore than I could, he smirked at me as he runs his hands down the side of my body, stopping at the hem of my shirt. I moved my hands from around his neck and moved them to the sides of his face as I pull them down to my lips.

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