Social casualty.

Her life was nothing but a minority. People told her she would never make it to where she wanted to be. She was tired of wishing on the stars. But in reality she's just another victim of authority, she's a social causality.

Written for the characters of Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin. Along for Grace Adams.


3. Don't trust me.

Michael's POV |

I saw her grab her head as she fell to the ground. I swore. She looked up at me, disappointment clear on her face. I regretted swearing in front of a pretty girl. It just killed me to see that I'd done it in front of her.

I was stunned, I watched her walk away. I walked over to where Ashton, Luke and Calum were sitting in the middle of the field. Ashton looked at me, smirking. "Mikey, do you know grace? The girl from this morning." He said, that's her name. It's so beautiful. I decided to play it cool. "Uh yeah, I think so. Why?" I said watching him. "She's just really hot. It's like she's playing hard to get" Ashton said, winking to a girl across the field, Luke watched Calum trying to do a back flip as they giggled. They were great guys, they are my best friends, my brothers even, we were that close. Luke was happy, he had a girlfriend her name was Brittney, she was beautiful, she had a sense of humor and was absolutely perfect for Luke. He met her through his parents, they had this dinner party and they kind of hit it off through there.

I quickly looked at Ashton getting distracted by Grace being on my mind. "Yeah, she's beautiful." I said smiling to myself. Thinking about the way she was nervous when she apologized to me, she was so cute. "Mate, what's up?" Ashton said curious to the reason as to why I completely ignored him. "Sorry, it's nothing" I said looking away from him trying to avoid his gaze as he was searching for the reason as to why I completely flipped his opinion, to my own.

The bell shortly went after. I walked with the guys to biology. I never really enjoyed biology, but it's something me and the guys chose because it was biology or chemistry and I guess we kind of just chose it. I walked in with the guys following closely behind, the seats at the back were spare so we took those. I looked around the class room seeing who was going to be in my class for the term, I looked around seeing the sporty to the smart kind of people to GRACE. I widely opened my eyes and sunk in my chair 'she's here!' I whispered to myself excitedly. "Who's here?" Calum said in his thick accent. "Oh no one." I said laughing, "crap, there's someone here and you can't control yourself" Calum said searching the room. He failed looking at me again with a puzzled look on his face. "God dammit Michael Clifford, I've known you for 10 years and you can't tell me who's got you so excited?" He said frowning. "Calum, if I told you then it wouldn't happen then would it?" I said not making sense to try and throw him off.

Everyone seemed to settle down except for Calum. "THAT DOESN'T EVEN MAKE SENSE!" Calum yelled in his high pitched voice. "MR hood, calm down." Our teacher yelled, making everyone in the class, turn look at me and Calum. I caught a glimpse of Grace as she turned around to see what Calum was talking about, but quickly turned away. I held my breath. I don't know why I did I just did. I felt lost.

Grace's POV |

I heard Ashton's friend yell "THAT DOESN'T EVEN MAKE SENSE" he yelled angry. I turned my head to see him standing and his friend, the one that I ran into looking straight at me, smirking. I quickly turned my head still feeling nervous from when I last ran into him. I continued working until the teacher decided to talk, "I am going to call 2 people out at a time to talk to you about your grades from last semester. It's not going to be alphabetical order." The teacher said turning and calling the first two names. I looked around to see if he was looking, he was. I was really excited and nervous and I couldn't control myself.

The teacher comes back into class.

"Grace and Michael."

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