Falling For The Bad Boy

The new girl at school maggy kennish finds her self falling for the bad boy luke hemmings. He seems to he falling back... Well at least she thinks. Will they end up together or will maggy end up heart broken?


3. the kiss

The bell rang for the end of day, so I went to my locker grabbed my stuff and started walking out. My parents were working so I had to walk home, and they didn't get home till way late so I had a while.

As I was walking home a red sports car pulled up to me and rolled down the window. It was Luke, shit I forgot about the whole date thing. I couldn't fall for him I had to cancel the date. As I was about to tell him he cut me off.

L: "hey babe, your walking home?"

M: "uhh yes why?"

L: "well a pretty girl like you walking home alone.. You could get raped you know." He said with a wink. I giggled and blushes oops.

M: "well that's a slim chance."

L: "get in we'll make our date a little earlier"

M: "luke I ca-" he cut me off and got off the car.

He walked over and pulled me by my hips closer to him. I could feel his hot minty breath on me. "I know you can't resist me. Your trying not to fall for me to save your heart from getting broken. But maggy I won't hurt you I really like you.. It's different with you I know you want me and it's okay because I want you just as bad so stop fighting it." He said while looking into my eyes and pulled me even closer while biting his lip. I had to resist. "Luke." I said right before he crashed his lips into mine.

The kiss started off slow by then became more passionate and fiery. Our lips moved in sink and his tongue roamed in my mouth. I rubbed my hands through his hair and his hands slipped up the back of my shirt rubbing circles on my back. He pushed me against his car and I wrapped my legs around his waist. The kiss speeded up even more and I found myself unbuttoning his shirt but then stopped myself. And said "oh my god I have to go." And ran away from him to my house.

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