Falling For The Bad Boy

The new girl at school maggy kennish finds her self falling for the bad boy luke hemmings. He seems to he falling back... Well at least she thinks. Will they end up together or will maggy end up heart broken?


1. science class

Today is my first day at a new school in Sydney Australia. My name is Margaret but people call me Maggy for short. I was one of the more popular people in school but now I have to start all over across the world.

I rolled out of bed in the morning and managed to shower, curl my hair and throw a little makeup on. When I got to the school it was so intimidating ! It was huge. I walked inside and looked around. I managed to find my first class, science. I wet in and found my seat, I realized I was the only one without a partner. It was okay though I didn't really feel like mingling anyways. I pulled out my books and got ready for class. Right after the tardy bell rang the hottest guy I've ever seen strut in the classroom like he owned it. Which he pretty much did considering all eyes were on him !! He was tall, blonde,muscular, blue eyed, with this adorable lip ring. Pretty much the perfect guy. "Hey mr. A how are you in this fine day?" The cute boy said with the cutest accent ever and this adorable smile. "Mr. Hemmings you are late again ! Now go sit down while I talk to the principle."

Wait.. Sit down? But where there's no seats anywhere but except next to me!! No! This can't be happening I'll embarrass myself. He was walking toward me with a smirk and my heart practically melted. The girl behind me tapped my shoulder and said, "hey girl! I see you drooling over Luke there. Haha, it's okay we all do. But be careful ! He's bad news. By the why I'm Allie and you are...?" "I'm maggy, and what do you mean he's bad knews?" Her forehead crinkled and she said "he just is. Try to resist if flirts with you ok?" I agreed. "Hey." Luke said with a wink as he sat down while I tried to contain myself but he was playing with his lip ring and biting his lip what was I supposed to do?!?? I wanted to say something so bad but I stopped myself and just said "hey."

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