Falling For The Bad Boy

The new girl at school maggy kennish finds her self falling for the bad boy luke hemmings. He seems to he falling back... Well at least she thinks. Will they end up together or will maggy end up heart broken?


2. lunch

The bell rang and it was lunch time. I couldn't find Allie and didn't know where to sit so I went outside and sat by this huge tree and ate my lunch. I then heard a familiar voice say,

"are you eating alone ?" I turned around to see luke. Crap. I answered by saying, " uh yea .. Why?" He smirked and said "well a beautiful girl like you, sitting alone on a beautiful day like this just doesn't seem right now does it?" He we're go again I didn't know what to say I had butterflies and was pretty sure I was blushing. So I just looked away and said, " well I'm nothing near beautiful.. But I am sitting alone so if you would like to join me I would appreciate that." He seemed surprised at what I said and knit his eyebrows together saying "don't every say that. Your beautiful." I blushed and looked away. "So maggy... Would you like to go on a date with me tonight?"

He winked. I didn't know what to say I said yes then the bell rang so I left. Oh lord... What did I just do ?!? I can't fall for him! Allie warned me .. He's just a heartbreaker.

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