No One Understands

This is just to show people what can happen just from bullying. This is a global problem help stop bullying by spreading the word


1. The Horrible Hate

Warning this is just a short story so don't get mad at me for it being so short!!!

One night Niall was reading some comments about him. He expected lots of good and nice comments but in stead he got mean and discussing comments about him and even his country. He read "Why the F*** is that Niall guy even in one direction he's f***ing useless", "Niall should go back to his s***y Ireland", "Niall deserves to get kicked off the band he's nothing but s***", and "yeah Niall you should go and kill your self".

Niall sat there in silence and pain. He began to drop tears. He felt like he was not needed, loved, or even cared to anyone. He stared at the last comment he had read "go kill your self". He could not believe his eyes. He began to cry "why would the fans say something like this". He had been getting hate like this since the band got together. He cried to him self "I can't... I just can't do this any more!!!" He ran towards the bathroom crying.

Harry noticed him crying he new exactly what he's been reading harry ran to Niall's room looked at his phone. "NIALL!!!" He yelled.

When Harry got to the bath room Niall had locked it. "NIALL OPEN THE DOOR!!! NIALL!!!" Harry yelled with fear. "GUYS COME AND HELP ME OPEN THE DOOR BEFOR HE HURTS HIM SELF!!!" Harry yelled. The boys rushed to help harry.

Niall was really tired of him getting hate comments. "I can't do this anymore I'm just too hurt!!!" Niall said crying.

Niall opened a little box with a bottle of pils in it.


Harry and the boys broke the door down.

The boys saw what Niall had been trying to do to himself.

"NIALL NO!!!!!" The boys yelled.

Liam and Zayn ran in and taken the pils away from Niall.

Harry began to cry.

Harry hugged Niall "NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER DO THAT TO US AGAIN!!!" Harry said crying.

After that the boys where back to what they were doing. But Niall went back into the bathroom he started crying. Niall grabbed the pils that he had earlier try to take. He put them in his mouth an swallowed them.


Niall had fallen down the boys rushed back in and called an ambulance but it was to late.

NIALL HORAN had killed him self.

Hope you enjoined this was to teach you a lesson about cyber bullying words hurt more than actions do. Cyber bullying is a global problem and I wanted to help stop bullying by showing you what people are capable of doing to them selves just because of bullying. Self harming is the most problem that can be cause from bullying. HELP SPREAD THE WORD TO STOP BULLYING!!!!.

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