A collection of very short stories


1. Introduction of Adalie

Adalie Prologue:

"It's not your fault"

Those same words were whispered into Adalie's ears and instantly, disgust replaced her worry. Worry for what would come of this so-called girl. If Adalie was locked away, what would become of that old swing? She knew that very thought was wrong. When a young woman was placed in front of a judge, she doesn't often think of a swing. 

"I highly suggest you take a look at these files, Benson. They prove the girl has no control over what happened," her lawyer, Jackson Laurence, waved a folder of files in front of the Judge, pointing at Adalie as if she was walking evidence. Well, she kind of was. 

"Adalie Gray, please step forward to the stand," the Judge beckoned for the teen to sit at the stand beside her. Adalie's father, Nathaniel Gray, leaped to his feet, continuously whispering those dreaded four words. 

Adalie, growing tired of her father's nonsense, pushed him away and continued her journey to the wooden seat. When she sat, a glass of freshly poured water was delicately set in front of her. Adalie nodded to the Judge before she signified she was ready to answer questions. 

The so-called victim's lawyer stepped up, taking her grand old time to approach her. Adalie snorted in annoyance. She hated people who hovered, she needed to get right to the point. "Miss Gray, are you aware of your... illness?"

"Mrs. Z, I have been, as you put it, aware of the fact I have a tumor. I have known since I was diagnosed," Adalie answered in an emotionless tone that seemed to jeer at the lawyer. 

"I see. And yet, you have not gotten it removed?"

"No offense, Ma'am, but you ain't know nothing," Adalie crossed her arms over her neat white blouse. "The doctor said if I remove the tumor, the risks of dying are extremely high. Would you suggest I kill myself?" She raised and eyebrow, challenging the woman. 

"No, no! I was just merely questioning whether you had taken any action," She defended fiercely, trying to scare Adalie. It didn't work. The lawyer didn't earn Adalie's respect, just even more hate. 

"No, Mrs. Z, you meant to ask why I hadn't gotten it removed. Those are two different questions," Adalie finished with a wicked grin. "For your information, I do have medicine that keeps it under control," Adalie snapped, obviously displaying her growing impatience. 

"Aha! Did you happen to be off this medicine when you attempted to murder Zachary Phillips?" Mrs. Z narrowed her eyes, detecting the sharp attitude the teen was giving her. Adalie flinched. Murder was too harsh of a word. 

Adalie, as rehearsed, pouted and averted her sinful green eyes to the floor. "I'm afraid I was, Mrs. Z. See, I forgot my medication at home that day, so when I saw this lad beatin' up that young kid in the school parkin' lot, my brain went fuzzy," She expertly said with a small voice that seemed to convince the jury. 

After a couple more pointless questions, Adalie was asked to step down. In her place was a witness the defendant had brought. Adalie watched with bored eyes. After all, Lucas was no threat. Why, Luke was just one of Zachary's minions. 

"Mr. Shine, what exactly did you see and hear at the time of the crime?" Mrs. Z asked expertly, looking strait at the boy. Lucas seemed to take notice of his best friend, Adalie, and looked right at the jury. 

"I saw the defendant beating up a five year old boy that Adalie took care of with her parents in the summer. The defendant then pulled a knife on the boy, and lulled him to his death. I, at the time, was too shocked to move, being caught in a coma-like stance. The accused then stepped in, but her eyes were glazed over, like there was just insanity there."

The defendant's side stood immediately and started yelling at him as he stepped down. Adalie, who had been growing bored with Luke's explanation followed suit and stared at him in shock as he gave her a weak smile. But it was soon returned with emotionless eyes. 

"Order!" The judge pursed her lips and brought the gavel down thrice, the loud clamor settling Adalie's stomach. Her fate now rested in the hands of a jury. 

"I hereby pronounce Adalie Gray, accused of attempted manslaughter, innocent. She could, as evidence proves, not control her actions and will be sent to an asylum."

And the session was dismissed. 

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