A collection of very short stories


2. Adalie


Adalie, with her dark green eyes and neatly curled dirty blond hair, sat impatiently at the back of the bus as it was unloaded of its passengers. Once that dreadfully long task was finished, her adviser Jennifer, who she refused to acknowledge as Jen, helped her off the bus ramp. "Thank you for riding!" The bus driver cheerfully nodded to them, dipping his cap as he whistled at Jennifer. 

"I think that driver fancies you," Adalie tilted her head up to look at Jennifer while she wheeled her around in her stupid wheelchair. A month into the asylum, and Adalie had lost full function of her legs. When they pursued a doctor, he claimed that her body was slowly shutting down, but Adalie still had a good forty years left. Having been ecstatic, Adalie had allowed them to place her in a wheelchair. 

Her bored attitude was long gone and replaced with a delightful one. Although on this day, she seemed rather dismal. Maybe it was because the fact her destination was her parents' house; two people who hadn't even tried to contact her in the last four years. Jennifer pushed Adalie down her old neighborhood street, and she frowned as several people stopped and stared. 

"Surprised to see you again," one of the neighbors, David, offered her a wrinkly smile. Adalie, feeling bad for all those years she made his life hell, waved. 

"Me too, it's been so long. How are the gardens?" Adalie made little conversation, trying to prove this Adalie was different. Only then would people treat her normally. 

"Amazing, Darling. They've gotten more beautiful!" David's wife, Cecilia, dropped in, wearing a glad look. Cecilia, as she recalled, always liked Adalie no matter what. Being just a sick little girl craving attention, Adalie adored her. 

"Happy to hear it, Cecelia. Well, enjoy your afternoon!" She laughed in a joyous melody as Jennifer knocked on the door and waited for a response. The person that opened the door was barely recognizable. His raven black hair was gelled back and he was dressed up in black pants with a light blue button up. 

"Hello, are you Nathaniel Gray?" Jennifer asked from above Adalie, stressing her ears with the whisper she talked in. The young woman was always pestering and hounding her adviser to speak louder, yet the dilemma did not perish. Nathan studied both of them before scowling. 

"Yes, and who are you?" He demanded. 

"You will not know me, Sir. I am Jennifer Deaton, Adalie's advisor," she introduced and Nathan instantly slammed the door. Adalie, being the persistent one, struggled into a standing position with lots of help before knocking once more. 

"Who is it?" This time, it was a woman who opened the door with a baby  girl in her arms. "Oh, sorry. We don't have any extra money to donate," The woman, who Adalie had figured out was her mother, rolled her eyes with much distaste. But before she could slam the door, Adalie reached out and grasped her hand. 

"Mom, nice to know you moved on. Enjoy your life," Adalie told her in a clear whisper. Her mother, appearing shocked, stumbled backwards and shut the door. Adalie just motioned for Jennifer to wheel her back down the street. 

"Look who it is. Adalie Gray is back from the asylum!" A hauntingly smooth boy teased and Adalie's head snapped around. Her eyes met with the cold grey ones and she glared at the man before her. "What, you have a wheelchair and a victim to try to convince people your different? Get up!" When Adalie didn't move an inch to respond to Zachary's demand, he laughed coldly. "Get up!"

"I can't," Adalie murmured and Zachary backed up, taken aback. "Zachary, this is Jennifer, my advisor and assistant. Jennifer, this is Zachary. He's the one from the trial," She cleared up and they both mirrored narrowed eyes. "Zachary, a month after I got to the asylum, the tumor made me loose full function of my legs."

"Karma?" He chuckled cruelly, but Adalie just shook her head and smiled sadly at him. 

"No," She said quietly. 

"Then what?" He snapped. "After all, what could be a perfect excuse for your parents replacing you? Forgetting you? Hating you? What could there possibly be that I'm not aware of?" His challenge aroused memories of Adalie's past, but nothing seemed to stick. Her next statement was a single word, one that felt like a shared of broken glass embedded into Zachary's skin compared to the tornado Adalie had felt by his words. 


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