Just The Hair Stylist ~ C.H.

It shouldn't matter what I think. I'm just their hair stylist.


1. Shows

*Lily's P.O.V*

Another day, another show. Just another excuse for the boys to annoy the crap outta me. They seem to find it hilarious to mess with me when I am trying to fix their hair before a show. Wether is poking me in the sides repeatedly or not sitting still, they will always come up with something to do. It;s like they don't want me messing with their hair to make it look good for their performance?

"Lily, Miranda finished the boys touch up and they are dressed. Time for hair," Andrew said peeking his head around the corned towards me. Andrew was one of the many managers that the guys have.

"Coming," I yelled.

I got up from the metal chair I was waiting in, grabbing my bag of hair products and tools, and went to the dressing room all the guys were in. As soon as I walked in, they all turned to me and stopped talking but kept smiling.

"Look who it is!" Luke yelled, "our favorite hair stylist!"

I ignored his sarcastic remark and set my bag next to the table cleared off for me to do my job on. I grabbed out my straightener, curler, brushes, and all the hair products I would need.

"Who's going first?" I asked as I turned around.

"Me!" Luke said running and sitting in the chair in front of me.

I wish I could say that I loved my job but I really don't. Yeah, the pay is wonderful and seeing the world is great too but the job gets old. It got old after a month of doing it. Before every show, I do the guys hair and they try to talk to me while they are purposely annoying but I never talk back. I have no interest in trying to have any kind of relationship with them because I am the fourth hair stylist they have had in a year- meaning that I will be fired soon anyways. If I become friends with any of them then I will be attached to them in a friends way and when I get fired, I will only ever see them in magazines or TV and I don't want that. Though it is only my third month of working here, I have only really had a real conversation with each of them once or twice each. If they want to talk to me, they approach me and I will talk to them but I make sure to not put any feeling into the conversation. I avoid any personal subjects and only truly give them half of my attention. If I were to have to choose a favorite person to talk to, it would be either Ashton or Calum.

When I finished giving Luke his famous quiffed up hair, Mikey was next. He is easy though. All I have to do for him is straighten it all and give it volume. The only thing I have to do extra for him is be careful with handling his hair because it has been dyed so many times, it's not the healthiest. After I am finished with his, I am onto Ashton's and all I really do with his is brush it and make sure it looks decent. He doesn't like a bunch of stuff done with his. Calum seems to be the hardest for me though. H wants to to look a certain way every time and he is always the last to have his hair done because if I don't get it right then I have to do it all over again and this process repeats until it's to his satisfaction. Personally, I think he just does it to fuck with me but what do I know? I'm just the hair stylist.

As I finish their hair, I hear Andrew yell for the boys because it's five minutes till show. Another perk of the job is the free shows. I will admit that I am a fan of the guys but none of them know that. I am pretty sure they all think I am some depressed chick who took the job to get away from home and because of the money. When they are performing, I get to stand on the side of the stage and watch. Watch all my hard work on their hair get ruined. Ehh, who cares?

While watching their performance tonight, I seemed to be in a good mood. I was smiling and enjoying myself as they played their music for all of the screaming fans while I stood their dancing like a complete idiot. I would have gone and completely enjoyed myself but I saw Calum look over at me and smirk as they took a few seconds to breath in between songs. After I noticed that Calum noticed me, I immediately stopped and went back to how I usually am during their shows. I know I am gonna hear about this soon though. 

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