All Ive Ever Known

Have you ever had such a hard time believing things can actually go right that you push yourself away when it finally happens? Well Lorraline knows how you feel. She's lost her dad, the man she thought loved her, and then she meets someone. She meets a guy that can show her the world and show her how much she means. This guy is Harry Styles. But will she push Harry away when she thinks he's to good to be true? Will Harry break her trust? Or will he keep the promises everyone else has broken


1. prologue


"So your telling me after being together for 4 years you've cheated on me with your ex Audra, got her pregnant, and you've been doing this for months. Did you not think about me or your son? Did you just not care? What?" I screamed at Nathan. Did he not think of his family? I thought he loved me. I thought he cared. But I guess it was all for show. All for lies. No one will know what he did to me in secrecy. No one will know this isn't the first time he's cheated. Not the first time he lied. But I guess this will be the last

"I'm sorry Lorraline. I'm sorry okay. But I have to leave. I have to take care of my new baby. I have to be with Audra" Nathan's words were making me explode inside. I can't stand the fact he has to take care of his new child, when he hasn't been there for anything of Brantley's. And he spoke again probably knowing it was a bad idea. But he persuaded to finish. "Promise me one thing, you won't keep Brantley away from me."

"Oh I won't promise anything! Why do you want Brantley when your having a baby with that thing. Gosh I swear you'll sleep with anything that'll open they're legs for you. God. Your a pathetic excuse of a father". And with that I walked of his house that was once ours. I didn't look back. All I did was bat away the tears. That's all I could do. And that's when I headed back to Jess's house where Brantley was probably fast asleep with no clue of what was going on.


As I walked into Jess's house and now mine to I saw my sleepy boy. The only real boy I have in my life that won't leave me besides my brother. I love Brantley. He's so sweet, so polite, so handsome, and so caring. He may be only 3 years old but, he's the smartest child I have yet to meet. But I guess he is the only man I really need. I kiss his head and pushed his hair back in a slight way that I always do and proceed to walk to Jess's bedroom. As I walk in her eyes widen as she sees my tear stained cheeks.

She gets up and hugs me, running her finger as through my hair. "Ssshh Lorraline. Your ok. I'll take care of you. So I'm guessing it was all true that you heard?"

"Ya. I guess it's been going on for awhile now. I was just lucky and heard about it now. You should've seen his face" I mimicked his facial expression that made me have wide eyes and a dumb found look. "He was like how did you know? Who told you. He didn't even try to deny it any longer. He knew he was caught. And that's when the yelling started." I stated as I wiped my eyes once more. I was done crying.

"Hey, I have an idea. Why don't we take a trip to Seattle? I mean it's only an hour away from us. Get away from Nathan and Audra". She said with a smile. She has trying to get me away for so long but because of Nathan's controllingness. But then I smiled back.

"We definitely are going. Let's go pack." and I was off to have the best time of my life

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