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2. The Date

Justin asked me to go out to dinner. Of course I agreed to go. I mean come on it's Justin Bieber. He took me to a private diner.

After the meal was over and he brought me back home, we exchanged cell phone numbers. I was turning to head in my house, "wait I forgot something." "What is..." Before I could finish my sentence his lips met mine in a passionate kiss. "See ya later Brittnie. I will text when I get home okay I promise." Still in shock that Justin just kissed me, I manage to say "Okay."

"Hey, I have a question for you Brittnie."

"Okay, what's up Justin?"

"I know we just met and all but I'm crazy about you baby, so will you be my girlfriend?"

"Of course I will Justin!!! Please tell me this is happening and that I'm not dreaming. LOL!!"

"It's happening baby girl. I love you 😘"

"I love you too 😍😘"

"I'm getting tired Brittnie. So I will TTYL. Good night love."

"Good night."

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