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1. The Concert

My friends and I were headed to the Justin Bieber Believe Concert. I have always dreamed of seeing the Bieber in concert and tonight I'm going to.

7:30 PM Concert Time! I was so excited to be here at the concert and not only that I am in the front row.

When they started the music for the One Less Lonely Girl, my heart started racing as i saw that Justin looked right at me and nodded to the security gaurd. I was so sure that it meant I'm the girl. The gaurd came up to me and said "please come with me." The gaurd led me up onto the stage. I was shaking in excitement. Then Justin started singing, put the crown on my head and gave me a dozen roses. "What's your name?" "Brittnie" I replied. He whispered in my ear saying "You are beautiful." "Thank you." I said.

9:00 PM Meet & Greet Time. It was my turn to see Justin. He said "hi beautiful." "Hi again." I replied blushing. Justin pulled me aside and told me to wait till he was done greeting people. I was so confused but yet excited.

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