Secret Admirer

"Who are you?" I asked. "Your secret admirer," he replied. ©Copyrights go to Gabby W. All Rights Reserved.


2. Chapter 1

"Another note and rose?" Lucy asked as I looked on my desk in shock. There sat another love letter with another beautiful rose. I turned to Lucy.


"I really need to found out who did this," I simply said. I held the rose as I read the letter. It read:


Dear my sweet Skylar,

I write these letters to you because I'm afraid to actually talk to you. You are the most sweetest and caring person in the world but if I told you who I am then you might be disappointed in who I am. So that's why you will never know who I am and to make this letter sweet and short I would like to say I'm falling for you Skylar Carson. I really am. I never believed in love at first sight until I saw you.


     Your Secret Admirer


Those words repeated in my mind. It's someone that I don't talk to offend. That only narrows down just about half the guys in the school which is still a lot of guys to go through. But it will be worth it when I meet this guy. I don't care about what he looks like I just know I am falling for him.


"Sky! Are you okay?" Lucy interrupted my thoughts. I nodded my head. She chuckled a little knowing that I was day dreaming about my secret admirer. "When is the wedding again?" she teased as I rolled my eyes.


"Hey Sky!" My other friend Taylor greeted as she walked over to me. I smiled.


"Hey Taylor!" I greeted back. She looked at the letter and rose then looked back at me with a confused look.


"Who gave you those?" she asked. I shrugged my shoulders. 


"Sky's secret admirer did," Lucy answered for me. A smile spread on Taylor's face has she set her stuff down on her desk. Taylor is a cheerleader and also dating Luke who plays for our football team. Cliche but I think their relationship is so cute! They've been together for almost one year. That's the longest Taylor has ever had a boyfriend. It's not that she likes to change her guys up. It's just that her relationships always end up bad but I'm glad her and Luke stand that long. I wish I had a relationship like that...


"Sky? Are you okay?" Taylor asked. While I zoned out Luke and his best friend Michael had walked in. Michael is kind of like a rebel of the school. He skips classes and gets bad grades. And he always wants to try and date me but I turn him down all the time. 


"Yeah... I'm fine," I slowly answered. Luke took the letter from my hands and held it out so Michael and him can read. Then he gave it back with a smirk.


"So I see that you have a secret admirer! I wonder who it is," he looked around the class. Michael frowned. 


"You can't tell me you like this guy you don't even know, Skylar! He could be a stalker or something!" Michael almost shouted. Some people turned and looked at us. I shushed him.


"I don't know! Maybe..." Who am I kidding! I think I am in love with him. If only I knew who he was!


oMG! I'm so sorry about this long wait! I know what I want to do now with this! Don't worry!


Also! I need a girlfriend for Michael! So comment your name, a little description about yourself and anything else you would like me to know. I will announce the winner hopefully in two weeks! Before you ask. There will be one for Calum but not now because he doesn't come in until later. 


I will also do chapter goals. Goals: 20 likes

Can I get there?



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