Story Of My Life


3. Chapter 3

Sarah's pov

I woke up to Emilie shaking me. "What do you want Emilie," I grunted. "Wake up. You have to take me home. I have a lunch date and I have to get ready." " Ok. Give me a minute and I'll get dressed." "Ok."

After taking Emilie home, I went home. When I got inside, I sat down on the couch. The couch and other furniture would stay here because it belongs to the apartment. I watched tv for a while. Then I went to Wendys and got lunch. After I ate, I went back home. I'm going to send my stuff tomorrow and get a plane ticket for the day after. I'm so excited to move to London! I can't wait! I looked at the clock and saw that it was 9:30 already. Wow. Time has been flying by so fast lately. Oh well. I was really tired. I got up and went to bed.


I woke up to my alarm blaring loud annoying beeps. I turned it off and packed it up along with the rest of the stuff I had been waiting to pack. Then I went to the post office and sent it along with the rest of my stuff, which was really only a few boxes. After I sent my stuff, I went home. When I got home, I went on my laptop, which I'm taking on the plane with me. I got online and reserved my plane ticket for tomorrow. I went over to Emilie's house to hang out with her for the day. I ended up sleeping at her house. In the morning, I drove home and got my laptop, my suitcase, and my carryon. I left for he airport. When I got there, Emilie was waiting for me outside of the airport. "I'm gonna miss you Emilie!" "I'm gonna miss you too. And don't forget to call me when you get there," she said. "I won't," I promised. And with that I went inside and got on the plane.

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