Story Of My Life


2. Chapter 2

Sarah's pov

Two weeks later

I got out of bed. I had been laying there for a little while. I went into the small kitchen in the apartment. I got out a bowl and some cereal. I put milk in my cereal and got a spoon. I went and sat on the balcony. When I was done eating, I went back inside. After I put my bowl in the sink, I went to get dressed. I put on a pink tank top and some black leggings. I slid on my sandals, got my keys and my phone and went out the door. I locked it behind me and went to get in my car. I went to my friend Emilie's house to talk to her. I would have texted her or called her, but she just got a new number and I don't know what it is yet. I got out of my car and went inside her house. "Hey, Emilie," I called out. "Hey," she called back. I went to her kitchen because that's where she was. "Hey, Emilie, would you come help me pack? I'm moving to London." "Sure," she replied. "Just let me get dressed." "Ok. I'll right here waiting on you." "Ok be back in a minute," she said. After a few minutes, she comes back dressed and with shoes on. "Are you going in your car or mine?" "I'll go in your car," she said. With that we walked out of her house. She locked her door and we got in my car and left. When we got to my apartment, we got out and went inside. We packed a lot of my stuff. I looked at the clock. "It's 9:00 already. Do you want to just spend the night here?" "Sure," she replied. We went to bed, me in my bed and her on the couch.

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